Monday, August 22, 2011

I am now on Vemurafenib and feeling pretty good

Who knows at this point if this is just another one of those times where I've just had a dip in my health condition and I'm starting to feel better again or if this the new drug providing relief. All I can tell you is that I am feeling much better. There is pain that remains in my leg, but I am happy to say that I am only using the cane about 10% of the time. I am simply starting to feel better.

For those that are not following me on Facebook, I spent last Thursday in Philadelphia receiving my first month's supply of Vemurafenib. They say that this drug works quickly, but after only a day or two, I'm back up and walking on my own again. This drug is fantastic! There are the obvious issues with the drug as we talked about before, but I think at this point we are going to take what we can get.

Anecdotally, this drug causes new pain which is supposedly the process of the tumors breaking down. I can tell you that there is new pain in my body going on right now. Could this be Vemurafenib doing it's thing? I sure hope so ...

Wednesday of last week, Vemurafenib received it's FDA approval. Now they can officially start their clinical trials which are combining both Vemurafenib with Ipilimumab. Thought being that the combination of drugs could provide the knock out punch. Dr Lynn Schuchter, who is the oncologist overseeing my Vemurafenib treatment is one of the main researchers who started this clinical trial. As you can imagine, she was ear to ear with excitement when she found out that I am basically her first clinical patient as I've already taken the combination. Hopefully we can provide her with some great study information prior to her actually starting her new trial.

I'm not quite sure yet what the timeline is for scans and reports etc. I do know I'll be in Philadelphia again next month to get another round of pills. I'll get more information then. This last time, I think I was more anxious just to get my hands on the drugs.

I'm feeling good now. Taking it easy on the work front again, basically working from home. I plan to show my face from time to time, especially as I start to get even better. I'm just trying to take things slow and not get ahead of myself.

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randi said...

HI Mike

The drug worked really fast to make me feel better too. You are not imagining it. You can't believe how much you can function after a few doses! Good-because this means it is working on you!! I could reduce my pain meds alot. you can actually feel this drug work. So excited for you! Good Luck