Monday, February 14, 2011

Home from Vacation -- Let the Radiation Begin

We've been home from vacation for a few days now and I realized that I never posted an update on the blog. Everyone who follows me on Facebook already knows that we had an amazing and successful trip without too much drama. The pain stayed away and everyone had a great time!

Now that I am back, I had my appointment with Dr Lee, the local radiation doctor. Because the cancer is in my leg and away from more sensitive areas, I should receive quite a bit of benefit from the treatment without too many side effects. Dr Lee indicates that generally results with bone cancer are very good. -- I do have my reservations. I've managed to stay away from hard core chemotherapy and radiation up to this point and I've managed to stay quite healthy. I'm nervous that starting now might put me into a tail spin that I cannot control. We are at a point where the benefits outweigh the risk and it's worth a shot. That therapy will begin on Thursday and will be daily for about 3 to 4 weeks.

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Bren said...

I just started following your story and I admire your strength. I am a skin cancer patient as well, no melanoma, but basal cells which hardly compares to what you are going through. I just wanted to let you know, I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts and hope you beat this horrible smelanoma. God bless you! I'll request your friendship on facebook as well. Stay strong my friend!

Laurie said...

Today was a GREAT day...because I was able to hug both Mike AND Amy Brockey, instead of just sending my hugs via cyberspace.

Remember...God's ears will RING with the prayers on your behalf!! You are a SURVIVOR and I believe in your ability to come through whatever life hands to you.

You are SOOO loved!!!

<3 Laurie

Anonymous said...

Why radiation? After all you talked about before and how harmful it all is :( Why not go back to the Gerson Therapy? After all you did to make a room and everything. You were in less pain then!

I know the decision must have been a difficult one with a beautiful family and all. I wish you the best.

Brian said...

Hi Mike, Just saw your Blog, I to have stage IV, Metastatic melanoma, diagnosed eight months ago. Firstly in my neck, then spreading to both my lungs.

I hope you get back on the gerson therapy, as well to try and beat this, you seem a pretty switched on positive dude and I know you will overcome this latest hurdle.

I am currently on a Braf/Mek inhibitor GSK trial for the last three months, and incorporating parts of gerson therapy with encouraging results and significant tumour strinkage. I was initially skeptical of the alternative cancer treatments at first, but decided that I shouldn't die wondering and coming around to embracing the concept and making it (nutrition) a lifestyle choice. As using nutrition, alternative thinking, alternative treatments as well as conventional medicine we can rid ourselves of this disease.

God speed, I wish you all the best and as another melanoma survivor, we can beat this.