Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Results from PET Scan

The doctor is claiming to not at all be surprised that my melanoma has in fact continued to grow since starting the treatment. He indicates that though there have been mixed results, the typical case does not see any regression for what could be months after the last treatment. Dr Spira indicates that seeing as how I've already lived more than two years with melanoma, the slow growth pattern makes me an ideal candidate for this drug. -- There are have been plenty who simply could not even finish the treatment.

It wasn't until after the third dose that my skin rash even showed up. It took a month longer and another dose for it to get to its current annoying state. From all that I can gather, this is certainly a good sign that the drug is actually reacting -- but it also shows that it is going to take it's sweet time.

From the gate, Dr Spira has been preparing us not to expect much after the first scan, so as disappointing as it is, I still feel good about my treatment choice.

The treatment is now over and so now we wait. I will go back for blood work and a basic checkup at the end of January, and it looks like we'll have more scans sometime around my 33rd birthday on March 10th. I sure hope that Dr Spira is working on the greatest gift of all for my birthday.