Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ipilimumab - Take Two

I've now received my second dose of ipilimumab and so far so good. Just like everyone else that I've spoken to who are receiving the drug, we are all handling the early treatments with little to no effects. Once again after this dose, I feel fine. I continue to have a huge appetite, sleep well and have all my energy. 

Over the past three weeks I've changed things up quite a bit. I'm now eating a wider range of fruits and vegetables and I've introduced some bread and a little cheese into my diet. It has been an exciting time around the house recently as we are once again planning and preparing meals for the week ahead. Now that I am getting a wider variety of foods I have noticed that the joint pain in my wrist has gone away. I'm also up about 10 pounds and holding steady at around 150.

One interesting thing to note from yesterdays appointment was from my blood work results. As I've been reporting for sometime my LDH has been on a slow and steady rise. That momentum has finally changed and for the first time it has actually dropped. It was down about a 100 points from where we were just three weeks prior. Though Dr Spira suggests that this is nothing to get too excited about because it could be a chemo-reactive response. We both agreed that a down response is much better than up.

In the next few weeks I'll be working with my doctors to get on the list to receive Zometa to shore up my leg while I await my durable complete response from ipilimumab. This will be another infusion that will be administered every month while I need it.

I am now working outside of the house twice per week. I've truly been lucky to have such great business partners and an understanding customer while spending the last year dealing with this crap. We are only a few months away and I should be good as new. Like a fine wine, I'll return aged and sport that vintage look with my white hair.