Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dental work, a new chapter in my recovery from Melanoma.

Some recent tooth sensitivity has moved me onto a new level of healing. In the year to two leading up to my melanoma diagnosis, I had some rather major dental work performed which included the removal of a bunch of my silver fillings as well as a root canal. I don't consider this to be the cause of my cancer, but I certainly do believe that it was a contributing factor to my declining health.

I decided to visit a biological dentist. What separates a biological dentist from your ordinary dentist is that they too believe that the mercury in the silver fillings along with the use of fluoride is toxic to the body. They also believe that root canals and other such dental work actually create pores and channels in the tooth that allow bacteria to grow which impair the immune system and ultimately lead to disease.

I had some imaging done on the pain points in my mouth and sure enough we found what could be an infection at the base of a tooth. An infection would absolutely lead to an immune response which would involve nearby lymph nodes. Bottom line is that I will likely need to have more dental work and some antibiotics. The hope is that by clearing up this infection, the body can focus on other more important areas of healing.

I am also feeling sensitivity in a tooth that has had a root canal. This fact really bothers me. It is the last tooth in the back of my mouth since having my wisdom teeth removed and at the time had a bunch of decay. It was given a root canal and then crowned, providing optimal conditions for bacteria to grow and spread. If I had a better understanding of these things, I would have simply had it removed as well. Of course this was not offered to me at the time as even being an option.

So here I am, in the fight of my life which happens to also be a fight for my life. I've been lied to, cut open, poisoned and billed for it. If I've learned anything at all, it is that in this world, it truly is every man for himself. I hope that you find and take away lessons from my story. It is important to educate yourself and stand up and fight before the system steam rolls over you too.


Daniela said...

mike, thank you, as always, for your candid truthfulness.

it's likely you have seen this, and perhaps it might be of value to some of your dedicated readers...

In Warmth,

The Scholls

Anonymous said...

Don't know how else to contact you, other than in the comments section. Just diagnosed stage III and am freaking out. Looking for some guidance on Interferon/possible alternatives. Would appreciate any input you can offer. Is there an email where I can contact you?

Mike Brockey said...

Solodad -

You can reach me at sMelanoma "at" ME "dot" com.