Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After a Year on the Gerson Therapy, where are the Results?

After being on the Gerson Therapy for within two weeks of a full year, the results from a recent PET scan are quite a bit discouraging. I continue to have "hypermetabolic activity" on my liver, spleen and left adrenal gland. The report also indicated activity in the area of my right hip which has not been previously diagnosed. This is the first PET that I've had since receiving a stage IV diagnosis, so there are no facts to indicate progression, over what could be considered stable. I decided not to have the CT portion of the test complete, so we lose the factor of overall tumor changes. My bad.

Since I've not been working with an oncologist, I have only talked with my general doctor about these results. The day I got my scan, I also met with Dr Venna for a *regular* dermatology appointment. Overall it went well, he found nothing new on my exterior and was even willing to discuss further options for treatment. He agreed to review the results from my PET scan and call me this afternoon with his interpretation.

Recent blood work shows that my elevated LDH continues to rise at a slow but steady pace. We have now topped 440 which is nearly double the level of when this all started. LDH is such a subjective marker, and the number itself means nothing. The steady rise of LDH would seem to indicate that the cancer is spreading.

I owe a phone call to Mexico and have Dr Cervantes weight in with his thoughts. I've already sent all my recent results, I hope to speak with him this evening.

This has given me an opportunity to once again come out of my hole and see what the western world has to offer as far a treatment options. Once again, it doesn't look good. The PLX4032 drug which has been leading the headlines as a medical breakthrough, seems to have all been smoke. I've followed several cases where not long after astonishing shrinkage, melanoma soon returned with a vengeance. When it returned, the melanoma has mutated and grew along another pathway rendering all other treatments useless. In every case that I know, the patients have already died.

Ipilimumab is also back in the news as the FDA just accepted it for fast track review. After having what some are considering great success in clinical trials for late stage melanoma, it appears it will get FDA approved as a second line treatment. Similar to IL-2, it is an immunotherapy. Much like IL-2, Ipilimumab can really kick your ass. One possible, known and documented side effect is death. At least it isn't known to cause cancer.

I give full credit to the Gerson Therapy in that it has given me something to focus on and has kept me from the typical clinical trial shuffle that goes along with today's cancer treatments. My biggest fear is being a position where I am forced to take this chemo drug, or that chemo drug or maybe some radiation while I am waiting for something else to open up. If nothing else, Gerson has given me the opportunity to wait for something better to come along.

So to answer the question of where are my results after being on the Gerson Therapy for an entire year. Here I am. I am still alive, well and full of life, and that's got to amount to something.


Laurie said...

Mike Brockey...you are WISE beyond belief! I know that the results are less than HOPEd for...but you are witnessing a miracle with every day! Gerson HAS been a life-saver for you!

What to do next? I wish I had a crystal ball...one similar to the 8-ball of my youth that just gave answers for the asking. I have no more idea about your next steps than you do...but I can promise you this: My prayers for you will continue and I will continue to beLIeVE that there is still so much more for you to do!

This I know for sure...you have "beaten" cancer! It has not won and no matter what the future holds (again...wishing for a reliable crystal ball!), never forget that you are a SURVIVOR!!! Look into the faces of your family...of your H-O-P-E! You've surpassed your self-proclaimed "expiration date" and it really is a sign of SUCCESS...of putting (stupid) cancer in its place. Don't lose sight of what you have accomplished!

You and Amy are in my heart every hour of every day! Let me know what I can do for you!

<3 Laurie

cindy said...

Please contact:
Edward P Gelmann
William M. Scholl Professor of Medicine & Oncology
General profile Research Publications General profile
LocationPodium A Lombardi Georgetown U

or Dr. Rosenburg-NIH

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Please please read her story and try to contact her. Read her blog and scroll down to 'My Healing Journey - Twice recovered from terminal cancer'. I know you can do it too! Here is the link: http://www.cancerucan.co.uk/

Best to you,

Anonymous said...


I've been a bit preoccupied of late and just now saw your most recent posts. I'm curious where you heard/read about Ipillum--however it's spelled--getting fast tracked. I haven't seen anything about this.

I have news on my situation, but will write you in an email.

Take care,