Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where are you Mike?

A lot has changed for me over the past few months since I last blogged. Not so much in a physical sense, but mentally. What I've come to realize is that this Gerson lifestyle is one in which I will live for quite some time. I'm okay with that because I like how it makes me feel.

It has been only on rare occasions that I fall back and feel the walls of "therapy life" caving in. I focus on living life, I don't think much about cancer anymore. This is the main reason why I haven't blogged.

My friend Steven has got me back riding the motorcycle, and I have really been feeling good about my tai chi practice. You include those with the fact that I have a great family on my side who brighten each and every day, it's no wonder that my mind has been lifted from the fog.

While my LDH has remained slightly elevated, the rest of my blood work is as stable as it has always been. I feel great, and I continue to have full energy.

I plan on taking the Gerson show on the road as Steven and I attempt a guys weekend out in the RV. An earlier attempt with the family, though successful was certainly a learning experience. The hope is that it can be perfected so that my "leash" can be extended.

I'll commit to providing updates, especially as the road opens up on my journey to a full and natural recovery from this "incurable" disease.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Jones - Glad you are doing well Mike!

kakies said...

What a relief! I had been worried sick about you!

Okay, the truth is that I just started following your blog last night, but after hours of reading through most of your posts, I decided to fast forward to see how you are doing today. When I realized that you had been 'silent' since May 2010 I began to worry and wonder "What happend?" It's no joke. I truely did become worried, even if it was only for just a few hours :)

I am so glad to see that you are doing fine. Keep up the good work.

I will be cheering for you!

YTWong said...

Hello Mike,

Just want to let you know I'm following your blog as I'm interested to know more about a person's experience with the Gerson Therapy. So, please keep writing!

And I will be cheering for you as well! :)

HealthForward said...

Love reading your blogs. Please keep us updated on your life and progress.
blessings to you

Beth said...

Nice to hear. Glad things are on a positive road for you. That's as it should be. :)

Laurie said...

You are AWESOME, Mike Brockey! Life does go on...and you are living a wonderful miracle!

"Go Gerson, Go Gerson, It's your birthday, Go Gerson!" Can you hear me chanting????

Mental healing is as important as physical healing, and the fact that you are no longer focused on cancer means you are definitely healing at ALL levels! That said, still glad to hear from you on this blog...because whether you are being impacted or not...sMelanoma still stinks and you are spreading HOPE to so many!

I miss you and Amy! The Keys game Survivor Night is August 14th. Perhaps your "leash" will reach that far? Let me know!!!

Love you oh-so-much!


Anonymous said...


So glad to hear you are doing well. :)


Mary said...

My husband diagnosed 12/09 with stage 4 melanoma. We went to Tijuana and got on the Gerson therapy for 5 months now. Found your blog and it has encouraged us. It is all going really well and we are blessed to have a "Whole Foods Market" to get all the organic foods. Encouraging to hear how you are progressing in the mental arena and we need to also. We need to venture out more but it is hard when on a "leash". But life is getting easier! Keep up the good work and know that others are thinking of you and praying for you as well! Mary and Kurt

Daniela said...

each of your entries has it's own *personalitlies*, and i just wanted to share with you just how much i love this particular one...

with such warmth,

the scholl family