Thursday, May 13, 2010

One year down, sixty to go!

A year ago, almost to the day, I sat across from my oncologist where he told me that I might live one more year until my melanoma had either taken over or even more likely simply die from the side effects of his medical treatments. Today, one year later, I sat down with my new doctor and we both agree that not only am I still alive, but I am probably more healthy now than ever before. You know, besides the melanoma which remarkably seems to have stabilized.

It's been a nervous few weeks for me as we approached this "expiration date." I started to feel and see different things going on in my body, for example there were bumps that seemed to occur in my veins or on the back my legs. I recently also felt a slightly enlarged lymph node in my neck. Was my doctor right? Much like how things will suddenly come to end in 2012, was my body on it's way to giving out so abruptly?

It was a good day to have a doctor's appointment with a man who I feel is interested in my case and in my method of treatment. I asked him about each of the little things that had been adding to my stress. He observed, prodded and inspected each of them. After his examination he sat down and told me that each of things that I am feeling are quite normal and suggested that I spend too much time feeling for things.

It was also time to have more blood drawn today. If you can recall that the past two lab results indicated a slightly higher than normal LDH. An interesting fact noted by my Gerson doctor was that though slightly, elevated it was the first time ever that the number wasn't higher than the time before. I'll keep a close eye on it this time around, and i also requested the iso enzyme test that will provide more details from where specifically the LDH enzymes are being released. I'll post the results when they come in.

The last year of my life was given to me by my oncologist. With the help of Dr Gerson, countless friends and family members and all my readers, the next 60 years will be all mine!

Location:Inwood Dr,Adamstown,United States


Anonymous said...

So awesome Mike. Keep it up!
I raise a glass of juice to you!
Cheers to many more years!

Daniela said...

this post made my day.

cheering you on from ithaca, ny...

the scholl family

Daniela said...

...interestingly, someone sent this article to me after i read your post...a dr in the UK with melanoma...
i found her on FaceBook, and sent her the link to your blog. maybe she will contact you? i don't know, but a *heads up*, to you, in the event she does.

have a great day, mike.


Daniela said...

Kitrina aka Kit said...

You are doing so well Mike! Hope you are now enjoying the benefits of the Energy Work you started.Have you explored finding a Reiki Master in your area? I believe this would be wonderful for you and well worth the time exploring. Thank you again for sharing your journey w/all. Much love and light, as always, to you and your family.

dougsmoonbaby said...

It must be an awesome feeling to prove the naysayers wrong. Not just prove them wrong, but to be living a healthy and productive life in spite of their grim predictions!

Keep doing what you're doing, Mike.

As always, keeping you in my thoughts...


Debbie said...

What an awesome blog entry! Made my day also!!!

Beth said...

Awesome post. Don't ever let anyone take away your hope; that's yours and yours alone. You just keep kickin' ass and takin' names, dude. You've got a lot of people sending good vibes your way; and you can add me to the list. :)

All my best,

Anonymous said...


So glad you are doing well, my the time flys by with all those coffee breaks! Please feel free to post my YOUTUBE testimonial, as I am not the most saavy with blogs

...I will be giving my second testimonial at the next Gerson Caregiver's Class in a week. Enrollment is up to 75, WOW. Here's my 9min., with 1611 views as of today. I will be sure to mention your blog next week since you gave me your OK a few months back. Keep up the good work !!

Howie Doan, malignant melanoma
Class of 2008, Gerson Therapy

YTWong said...