Friday, April 30, 2010

Tai Chi for the Mind and Body

Some of you might remember that before my diagnosis, Kaige and I had been learning the martial art of Kung Fu. I found a great little school nestled in the trees in nearby Clarksburg, Maryland. After a long day at the office and the typical several hour commute, it was a perfect way to let loose and also get some exercise. All of that ended when my doctor called me in to his office and told me that my disease had spread to my liver and recommended that I discontinue the sport. I was at my lowest when I went to visit my Shifu to tell him that I would no longer be able to participate.

Over the past year, we've tried to stay in contact and have spent a few afternoons walking through my Shifu's garden talking about life, energy and nature. I am inspired by my teacher as he and his wife are on a quest of becoming totally sustainable and living off their permaculture design and edible landscape. It nice to see their progress with every visit.

This week I have reached a new milestone in my therapy. I am once again back at the school, but this time I am learning the healing art of Tai Chi. I have been missing a spiritual and meditative element that I hope to find here. I'll start by taking one class every week but also incorporate a small window of time in my daily life for practice.

Maybe you're interested in joining me?

Body Balance Healing Arts
15211 Comus Rd.
Clarksburg Maryland, 20871

By incorporating meditation along with my nutritional therapy, I intend to outlive my cancer. The body has an amazing natural ability to heal. It is a slow process that requires the proper healing conditions. Thank you for joining me in my journey.


Kitrina aka Kit said...

I am thrilled to hear you have made the move to bring energy work into your health reclamation. Only good will come from from this! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney McCoy said...

Mike, looks like a great place. I am interested in the Tai Chi/Yoga/Knitting retreat their Acupuncturist runs in the Mountains. I am currently looking for ways to de-stess and live a more whole life. Thanks for inspiring me :)


Itsyouormenow said...

woo hoo :)

Just look at you now: feeling good, working and now taking Tai Chi classes :)
and they tried to convince you to go to the hospice...

way to go Mike!

Jess said...

Hi Mike,

Love your blog! I'm a fellow Gerson patient. I just got home from spending three weeks at the BNC clinic. I completely agree that it is a massive asset to look after our minds as well as our bodies to conquer cancer. I'm a big believer in meditation and yoga and I think it has really helped me in my fight against this disease. Looking forward to reading more of your journey.