Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Month Healing Reaction? #Gerson #Melanoma

I am experiencing what I believe is another healing reaction. Dr Gerson talks about a third very strong reaction at about the six month mark, which passed just a few weeks ago. For the past several days I've had weakness in my knees and soreness in my arms. A low grade fever was caught last night before bed, and then for much of the day today. This all started as the spring air brought in pollen. Crazy thing about it, I've never had seasonal allergies before.

I will closely monitor my fever and report any changes that I feel over the next few days. My disease progression followed by my stages of healing have all been textbook cases. This gives me great hope moving forward.

I am deeply saddened to report the loss of not one but two fellow melanoma soldiers. Clint Slatton and Marcus Stanley will forever remain in Amy's and my hearts and minds as we started our journeys at just about the same time.

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this is paul said...

Give me an M - M - give me an I - I - give me a K - K - give me an E -E - GO MIKE! (and AMY!)

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