Sunday, April 4, 2010

My #Gerson Healing Crisis Updates

This morning started out much like yesterday. My fever is gone but I still feel generally "icky." There was a fair amount of tossing and turning during the night, waking several times with night sweats. Even if this is not a full on healing reaction, it is definatley an immune response. Before cancer, I considered myself healthy because I was never sick. We now know it simply meant that I had an under performing immune system. If you have not been sick in a while, you might ask yourself why.

The entire purpose of my IL2 treatment was to put the body into immune response. It is simply amazing how drinking a few glasses of carrot juice a day has been more effective.

I anticipate my fever will return again this evening. I'll continue posting updates as we determine where my path of healing leads us.


Russ said...

Thank you for sharing your brave journey with us!


Carmen said...

Hi Mike,

I admire your commitment to get healthy and looking forward to a good outcome. Your strong attitude will bring good results. I have some Gerson supplements (KeyCo. Desiccated Liver, Niacin from Stat-Mix) and Wilson's organic coffee for enemas ( ). I did Gerson therapy for a while and I have these supplements extra. I know first hand how expensive alternative treatments are, and I'd like to help and send these supplements to you at no cost. If you are interested, please email me your address and I'll ship it via UPS as soon as possible.

Healing light to you,

Mike Brockey said...

Hi Carmen, thank you for the kind offer. Please email me at PHaldon _at_ MAC _dot_ com. I am also interested hearing about your Gerson experience, if you are willing to share.