Monday, March 1, 2010

Ultrasound results are in.

I just got the results from the ultrasound. Not unexpectedly, the little fuckers on my liver and spleen are still there. Even though it was expected, it still hurts to hear. You can bet that he gave me the whole spiel on palliative care options and hospice, though I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel.

I do plan to get the images, but as was mentioned before there is no baseline for comparison. Lesions appearing smaller or larger can be misleading when compared to previous CT scans. All I can do is compare how I feel, and I can only say that I do feel better than I did 6 months ago when I started my treatment.

A few blog posts back a comment was made bringing to my attention to the fact that I also missing a critical component of the therapy. Recent online discussions within the Gerson Therapy user group at the same time highlighted the fact that the effectiveness of the therapy is much increased with the consumption of real organic veal liver juice. I then learned that it was stopped being offered at the Mexican clinic nearly 20 year ago now because of the possibility of a bacteria infection from the cattle. I have started on some local research to see if I can get my hands on it as it could only help me out.

It is also worth a mention that the experimental drug code named Plx4032 is making another appearance in the news, this time as a narrative published in the New York Times. It is a remarkable story showing how many that suffer from melanoma are seeing some really positive benefits from this so called "targeted therapy". It is a chemo agent that targets a so-called B-RAF mutation which is present in nearly 50% of melanoma patients. The problem with this drug and other targeted therapy of times past is that they stop working. As you will find out in this story, cancer doesn't fight fair. It can mutate and find other pathways to proliferate, often times at a more aggressive pace.

This story is a bit dated as it doesn't mention other fighters like Clint Slatton, who had remarkable results and tumor regression, the drug suddenly stopped working after only six and one half months. Also not reported is that this drug has been shown to break the blood brain barrier making Andy Caress a pioneer. Not only seeing much of his tumor mass simply dissolving, multiple tumors in his brain are also shrinking while receiving this new drug.

There is now a phase III clinical study in progress that will compare its effectiveness against the chemotherapy alternative dacarbazine. This trial is scheduled to compare the results across a field of 680 stage III and stage IV melanoma patients. It is estimated to end in June of 2013.

Soo ... what does one do? I will simply continue down my path and hope that Dr Gerson either cures me or provides me with enough time to make a better informed decision.


Laurie said...

Hi Mike!

I had to laugh when I read the first sentence of your post! :o) The "mom" in me said, "LANGUAGE!" But really...what better term IS THERE for cancer???? Thanks for saying what I can't! <3

Scans are just information...and the information you received has resulted in two things--(1) you are looking at what is NEW since you last researched, and (2) you are confident that the path you are taking right now is the right one for you!!! So what isn't positive about that? I think you are AMAZING!

Keep up the fight! And good luck finding your (nasty) calves liver "juice." You are more of a man than me! hahahaha!

Love you oh-so-much!!


JB aka JayBee said...
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JB aka JayBee said...


I am new to your blog, but I am now a fan. I've got stage IV Melanoma too and follow a liberal Gerson diet. I'll continue to read you in the future and just wanted to say "hello." I added a link to your blog to my blog,

(I deleted my previous comment because I had misspelled "Melanoma.")

Kitrina aka Kit said...

Hello again Mike

I still have yet to here how you are addressing your challenge from an internally awakened state. The reason I’ve mentioned this previously and again today is because I hear/see no evidence that you have gone back to the source of the disease. This is crucial for recovery Mike! I believe without reservation or hesitation we can not recover without healing at the source. I do not know if you have ever read, watched or listened to "Heal Your Body", “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay or Deepak Chopra's "Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul” & “Magical Mind/Magical Body".

I see you improving by leaps and bounds once you connect with the source.

Love lifting hugs to you and your fabulous family and support system. You all rock!


Itsyouormenow said...

hi Mike!

bummer :(

yet, as somebody said before, scan is just an (imperfect) information. from what you wrote you are feeling good and your LDH is low. keep it that way!


Anonymous said...

I saw this post in this Gerson Forum. From reading your blog I did not get the impression that you experienced the same negatives regarding the Gerson Clinic that this person posted.

Could you comment if you have time?

Much appreciated.

live2win said...

Mike, hopefully you are doing better than you think. Is there any chance that the lumps are scare tissue? And are there any blood test that you can use to verify the health of your liver? Its a good sign that you are physically feeling well. Just look back to where you were when you were taking IL2. Keep the faith and pray for help. You are an inspiration to many because conventional alopathic medicine does not work to heal.

Kitrina aka Kit said...

Have you incorporated any other complimentary "alternative" healing modalities such as meditation or Reiki? From first hand experience, I can tell you Reiki rocks!


TY said...

These may be dead tumors still sitting in there. I read in Jaquie Davison's book (A Cancer Winner)that one large tumor of hers got surgically removed after a few months on Gerson Therapy. Doctors found all blood supply etc to the tumor had been cut off, and they had removed a dead one. She had widespread Melanoma. She was 38 then,now early 70s and doing v well!

Keep the faith, stay the course.

Keep getting well!

John Morales said...

I've been reading your blogs not knowing how to respond because of the incredible seriousness of your situation. That said, I want to say something. I truly am impressed by your attitude and your openness to attack every angle of this horrible disease.

I can't imagine what you are going through inside your head but I commend your willingness to share your physical status with all of us. :)

BTW your previous 'december 22' post really had me re-evaluating myself. The rat race can make you forget the important things. Thank you for that.

Best, John