Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stable disease? You be the judge. #melanoma

It is time once again for more blood work and lab testing. In preparation for this morning's fast, I filled up on apples and bananas leading up to bed last night. When you eat nothing but fruits and vegetables all day, you can get really frigg'n hungry.

I pretty much weigh myself every morning, afternoon, evening and again before bedtime. Not that I think I'm losing any weight, but with all that I eat it is quite interesting how stable my weight actually is. So it was of no surprise to me when the nurse said to me, "You're exactly the same weight as last time!"

After checking my vitals, the nurse was again quite pleased to announce that my blood pressure and resting heart rate were both just fine. She told me that I was doing great and that the doctor would be right in. My nurse, (I have no idea what her name is) is no stranger to cancer as she too is a survivor.

After chatting with Dr Lee a few moments, it was clear that he was happy with my recent blood work especially after the updated labs that showed normal LDH ranges. He checked my heart and lungs. He then spent a good amount of time tapping on his laptop. I presume he was either playing solitaire, updating his FaceBook status or he was updating my file.

In the weeks that have passed since the ultrasound, I had a few related thoughts brewing in my mind. I wanted to get his opinion before sharing them. Although he is not a specialist, he did agree with me on principle.

In May of 2009 my condition worsened as melanoma decided to show up again, this time on my liver and spleen. After a couple months and a few rounds of IL2, a couple CT scans and finally a finding of disease progression, it was made very clear to me that my options we're extremely limited. I quickly found out that my treatment options were actually quite vast. The problem was that nobody was offering a cure. After some careful consideration, I decided to follow the Gerson Therapy. What Dr Gerson was offering was something different. There was no magic pill, elixir or special formula. It was just a demanding, enlightening and against-the-grain shift in lifestyle. Most important to me, was that it wasn't toxic and didn't offer nasty side effects.

It has been 6 months since I started on this therapy and closer to 7 months since my last CT scan. Admittedly, there is no good comparison when comparing a CT and an ultrasound. Slight changes in either direction are meaningless because of fundamental differences in the technology being used. What does hold merit, in my book, is that there was no *remarkable* change within my target lesions. That is, they primarily use the largest few masses to determine disease status. Seeing as the largest mass was nearly the same as was measured in my previous scan, it could lead you into thinking that the disease is stable.

I'd like to hear your thoughts about it.

I know that this is a simple layman's perspective and could be completely wrong, but mentally it helps. I know that if nothing more, my therapy is offering me more time at home with my health and with my family. It makes me happy to say that I feel good and truly believe that I'll be hanging around for a while.


Anonymous said...

My doctor's kept me on chemo for six months because they thought it was keeping my cancer stable. I was told some people are on my type of chemo for a year and see no change. It's actually one of the desired outcomes for doctors (not so much if you are the patient on chemo).

When I went 70% vegan the cancer regressed. I've been 100% vegan for 8 months now and it continues to dissolve.

Gerson had it right. He inspired me to drink green smoothies, avoid fried foods and go vegan. You are figuring out what works -- and the fact that the cancer is not progressing tells you that you are making progress ;-)

Daniela said...

...not only is it not progressing, it is very likely starving or being encapsulated. it's fantastic that this is working, and frankly, no reason it wouldn't (with Gerson Therapy being implemented properly & exactly)

we did GT for almost a year, less juiced, and no cator oil (per Dr. c's instructions) and that tumor was held at bey for the duration. our physicians were absolutlely astounded,a nd they were very vocal about that, saying they'd never seen that kind of tumor go *unchanged* for that long with no conventional treatment...

you are on the right path for you, mike...i'm not saying anything you don't know...just keep measuring effectiveness as you choose, and keep planning for a very long, vibrant life...


Laurie said...

You are ROCKING IT OUT, Mike Brockey!

I have no idea exactly how or why your tumors are stable/shrinking...and honestly, I don't even CARE!

Is it a result of your chosen form of "treatment?" Is it because you BELIEVE that it is working? Is it because there really ARE miracles in this life? I'd have to say YES to all three!

All I really care about is that you are feeling good and THRIVING! You are an amazing SURVIVOR!!!!

Love you, Brockey's!

<3 Laurie

Tim said...

The way you are committed to this is amazing. It is definitely working if for no other reason than your liver function is still showing good numbers from your blood work. Keep up the great effort Mike; I am looking forward to having you around for a long, long time.

Dudek Photography said...


I found your blog through pure chance. I am very interested in the Gerson Therapy and continue to look forward to your updates.

The signs are there, you are creating an environment within your body that cancer simply cannot thrive in.

Keep up the dedication and I look forward to seeing positive posts up here in the future!

Well wishes,


Corina said...

Mike, I am so impressed with your commitment to your health and your fight againist Melanoma. As a cancer survior myself I have seen that not everyone has your strength and courage to do what you have done. I beleive in the power of the mind & spirit. Your fight againist cancer is paying off. It doesn't matter why or how it is because of your strength and courage that it is working.

You are being a great example for your children. I will continue to keep you in my prayers each week.