Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LDH up again ... Have a question?

My lab results came back with high LDH levels again. Just slightly above the normal range, it is nothing to stress over. I don't have the actual lab results in my hand to compare to earlier numbers. At this point, we'll just wait and see. To be honest, I am perfectly happy with a slightly high LDH so long as it is slow moving.

In other news ... In an attempt to provide better insight into my therapy, I wanted to provide some question and answer functionality. In this first attempt, we'll try FormSpring. Asking a question is easy. I've provided a form on the right just below my quick references. If you have a question, send it my way and I'll do my best to respond. I currently have it setup to blast responses to my Twitter account as well as this blog, so please forgive any unwanted spam this might cause. I will adjust settings accordingly moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blog. I thought I would share with you that I have a friend who was diagnosed last fall with melanoma that had metastisized to her lungs and at least twenty lymph nodes. She began the Gerson Therapy at home and as of January is CANCER- FREE! My husband has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last January and we began the full Gerson Therapy two weeks ago, although we had already changed our diet six weeks before that. It's going well so far. However, we read that MS gets worse before it gets better on GT. Stay committed and don't cheat! I know it's hard for my husband and I not to stray a bit from the therapy but it's important that we don't. I pray you will be completely healed. ~Denise R.