Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blood work is holding steady

I made it through the holiday season without a single cookie. The family was pretty good about not having these things around. It was a nice and quiet holiday season this year. We had family at our home and we managed to get out a few evenings to hang out as well. It was a welcome change to center the holidays around spending time with the family and not around food.

With another round of blood work securely under our belt, we are once again pleased with the results. My local doctor wanted to add an additional test this time which indicates that along with liver and kidney function, my pancreas is also in fine working order.

My Gerson practitioner, Dr Cervantes was also very pleased. When comparing my blood work with previous results, he is happy that I am showing a strong immune response and other markers that indicate stability.

We are now going to increase my castor oil intake from 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp orally, twice per week on castor days. Because I was pretreated with Interleukin-2, a type of chemo therapy, we were easing into the full castor dosage. This now brings me to 1/2 the full dose.

I also had my vitamin d3 levels tested. Keeping your d3 levels in check is all the rage these days as it is has been clinically linked to our overall health condition. I have been taking 5,000 UI every day for the past 4 months. My levels are currently at a perfectly healthy level. Not knowing what they were in the beginning, we will never know if there is any link between my d3 levels and my disease.

With the recent arrival of Baby Addison, we are starting to find our new norm. One thing that is really helping out so far is that Addison is a good sleeper. She has been going 4 hours without feeding which has allowed Amy to get her rest, which in turn has put a minimum demand on me during the night. Resting and sleeping is a crucial ingredient in the healing equation. Since her older sister Ella was not what we would call a sleeper, we initially had some concerns.

It has now been a month since I first noticed the swollen lymph node in my groin. It has neither gone away or increased in size. I have noticed that on occasion I can feel a slight burning sensation around the node. As I mentioned in a previous post, it could indicate that my disease is spreading or that I am experiencing an immune response. The timing of it's arrival has allowed me to mentally accept this as being a good thing. Yes, a lymph node biopsy could be performed to check for the existence of Melanoma in that node, but what would be the point? I already know that I have Melanoma. For all I know, this is how my body is getting rid of it. Isn't removing disease and dead and cancerous cells what the lymphatic system is for?

The skin rash, or skin eruptions that I also previously indicated has all but cleared. They are a well documented reaction in a period of healing. Both my naturopath and Gerson doctor are excited about this particular reaction. The skin is the body's largest organ and is used in the detoxification process. This is a good thing.

Unlike modern expectations in life, the Gerson Therapy does not provide instant gratification or an immediate remedy. This is probably the most troublesome fact of the therapy that will prevent many from even attempting it. The Gerson Therapy is not a cure for cancer or other degenerative diseases. It is a way to live a healthy life. A healthy way of life that also allows the body to heal.


Laurie said...

So glad to hear that your blood work came back in good order! I think that's EXCELLENT news! WOO HOO, Brockey family!

I also would like to point out that God plays a big part in the cancer/healing journey...and giving you a baby that SLEEPS is a positive sign in my book!

I love you all and miss you too!!!


Daniela said...

wonderful news about your blood work, healing reactions, and the fact that you have a newborn 'sleeper'. the start of an extraordinary New Year for you all...

the scholl family

cindy F said...

Hi Mike, not sure you remember me...I am the fellow meller on the Urbana Relay committee and took a picture of you guys giving your wife one of my "melanoma" bracelets. You were mentioned in the article I had written up in the local post...will send later.. I am so glad Laurie mentioned your progress at our meeting, I'm happy you were blessed with a [good] baby and postive results from your blood work. We hope you come to Relay this year May 22, at Bar T Ranch. You are fairing far better than me staying away from cookies, I swore I would be "good" after my diagnosis and it's easy to slip. continue to eat healthy, stay strong and keep us posted. L, cindy- ps I still keep up with which I'm sure you know is now MREF who took over.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby and the excellent blood work! A baby that sleeps! That is a real blessing. And thank you for another informative and helpful post. Gemma

Tami Moon said...

Another chance to tell you how amazing you are!!! And Congratulations on the baby girl!!!! That's awesome that she is sleeping so well. We did not have that luck with our son:( I hope she keeps it up and your body keeps up the healing!

live2win said...

Mike, I have been following your blog for several months and am enjoying following your health success. Congrats on baby Addison to. As a student of the Gerson Therapy I learned about your blog in the Gerson newsletter. I pray for your continued health to full wellness.

I juice and do an occasional coffee break and it works. The juicing provides live plant based nutrition and the coffee breaks detox. Very important in the chemical based world we live in. Keep the faith and here's to your continued health success.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Mike, still trying to converse. I wanted to mention your blog and make a comparison between melanoma warriors like us at the next Gerson Caregivers class this month. I wanted your permission to tell the class about your blog and how Gerson intervention can be successful, whether we make it our first choice or later in the process. Please email me if you have time: Regards, H.Doan DX February 2008 Clarks level 4