Sunday, December 20, 2009

There's snow baby, like our baby ... SHE's here!

There never seems to be a dull moment around here! Last night of all nights. After only about 2 feet of snow, this baby decides to make an appearance! Baby Addison was born this morning December 20, 2009 at 7:52 am, here is how it all went down.

Amy woke me at about 3:30 am complaining of cramps and pains. It seemed like they were coming on every 10 minutes or so. Seeing as we just had about 2 feet of show dumped on us, we decided to call the midwives office just to let them know that we thought this thing might eventually happen today. We just wanted to give her some notice.

Since being on this therapy and sort of tied to the house, we decided and had been planning on a home birth. This would of course assume that a snow-pocalypse didn't just occur and that the mid wives, et all would be able to actually get to our home. That didn't seem to be panning out for us and since the what was 10 minute pains started turning into bigger and more frequent contractions we decided that we needed to go to plan B and head to the hospital instead. We didn't really think it was going to happen this fast (again) but we thought, better to be safe and drive towards the hospital. This way we would be close and if it turns out to be nothing, we could just drive home.

Since there would be drive time involved, we also considered making the longer journey and meet up with our BirthCare team at their office in Alexandria, VA and give birth in their birthing suite. A drive that would normally take an hour in decent weather, but we figured it might be worth the shot and with other hospitals along the route, we could always stop early if need be. Everyone decided that they liked that plan and committed to digging themselves out and making the arctic journey. We left our house at about 5 AM.

I will admit, the roads were worse than I imagined they'd be. Though passable, there were enough people stuck in snow embankments along the way to make me thankful for what little patients that I do have. I was extra cautious and careful as to not have to deliver this baby on the side of a cold dark wintery highway by myself. A procedure that I had studied up for given all that could go wrong with a home birth in December, like snow!

So our midwife, birthing assistant and good friend Sarah were all safely waiting our arrival. We got inside and Amy was on the bed by 7 AM. Everyone knew their job and knew exactly what to do. I, being trained as a coach in the The Bradley Method for Natural Childbirth with our first daughter Ella, also knew what my role was and am pretty darn proud of the support that I provided. (Pat pat)

Not long after our arrival and Amy was in full blown active labor. Just about fifty two minutes after our arrival (7:52 AM), we were welcoming baby Addison into the world. Here she is ...

6 pounds 13 ounces
18.5 inches

I'll post more photos online soon, over here.

Mother and baby are both doing fine. Three hours after delivery, we fought our way back through the now melting snow to our home. We had a house full of family here today as we attempt to get things in some sort of order. I got caught back up on the therapy, but more importantly mom and baby have been relaxing all day. And yes, Ella just loves her new little baby sister.


Anonymous said...

Love to all of you! You guys rock as always, and that is one beautiful baby. I would expect nothing less!

Hugs to Kaige, Ella and Addison, oh and you and Amy too! ;)


Anonymous said...

Mike, she's adorable. And I'm glad she wasn't born on the side of the road... That was a fast labor.

:) Take care.

I'll print the pictures for grandma.


dougsmoonbaby said...

Welcome baby Addison!!

What an adventure! So glad all went well, even though you had to go to plan B. I hope mommy and baby continue to do fine.

Enjoy this new little miracle...


Daniela said...

thru teary eyes & blurred vision, i congratulate you ALL!!!!

blessings, love and laughter,

the scholl family

Laurie said...

YAHOO, Brockey family...and WELCOME baby Addison! Congratulations Ella, big sister extraordinaire!

She is beautiful and perfect and oh-so-blessed to be a part of the family!

Love you all! Enjoy your newest Christmas gift!

<3 Laurie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike - I'm glad Mommy and Baby are doing fine - I love your girls names!

Beautiful baby!

Robert said...

Oh man, Mike. what can I say. Such a bundle of joy. Very happy for you and Amy. Congratulations!

Mike Brockey said...

Thank you for all the comments, emails and support. We're starting to find our rhythm around here again. Please enjoy the photo gallery as I've been able to put up a few more pictures.

dcPYro said...

Congratulations guys! She is beautiful. Much love and season's greetings to all of you.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She is SO beautiful!