Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post Healing Reaction Items and Thoughts

With my most recent healing reaction about 1 week behind me, I've been experiencing a couple rather suspect after effects. Last Tuesday which was immediately after the crisis, I noticed that I had two swollen lymph nodes in my groin. One being larger than the other, it has had my attention all week. At first I was feeling good about it since it could be a significant sign of my body collecting antibodies to fight off the malignancy. One week may not be long enough for it to go away, but I do have a little concern that it is still there.

My second post crisis observation is a skin rash. It started all at once and is on my elbows, hips and partially down the back side of my legs. It is an itchy rash and on appearance, it would seem to resemble a mild case of eczema. I started to put pure aloe on one of the spots, but then stopped soon after reading a few posts from the Gerson Therapy User Group. The rash could indicate quite a few conflicting things including detoxification, immune response or that in all my spare time from the therapy I've somehow contracted some flesh eating bacteria.

On a positive note, I've not felt any disturbances in my stomach for the past week. I typically have slight pains / discomforts in the areas of my spleen and liver. Since this last healing reaction, they have all stopped!

Both issues above could be linked to either healing or worsening. The Gerson Therapy allows your body to enter a mode of healing crisis in which inflammations/ reactions take many forms. I'm seeing signs that this therapy is working, but it is sometimes difficult to turn a blind eye on a new symptom and simply label it a "reaction". I just had more blood drawn so I'll be consulting with Dr Cervantes in a few days. I also plan to see my local naturopath for closer examination and get another opinion on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your update. I am hoping it's good news when you go to the doc. God bless. Gemma

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I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
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