Saturday, December 5, 2009

Healing Day 3: Still going strong

The healing reaction is working on day 3 and is still going strong. I've had a constant low grade fever since 3 pm on Thursday and have taken zero pills to combat it. Yesterday evening was the closest I had come when it hit 103. I had the pills next to me waiting for it to go up, but by the next reading the fever had dropped and I felt much better.

I'm having some chest pains like I've not felt before. I think it could be simple muscle pain since I do feel like I have the flu. I pretty much feel just like I did while undergoing il2, except for I'm not concerned about losing all blood pressure or dying from one of the many side effects they don't really preare you for. In addition, I won't have Dr Sharfman laughing while telling me that maybe he understated the side effects just a little bit.

While I'm laying in bed, I've had some really generous people come over and help me out. I want to thank Jane Gates and my sister in law Amy King for being here and preparing my juices while I sleep. They both help me out during the week so they know the routine by now. My mom is coming over today to help out. Besides my loving wife Amy always here by my side, none of this would be possible without her. She manages everything for me, sets the schedule and is basically the reason anything gets done around here. All while being 8 months pregnant. I have a feeling I'm going to have some make up work once this whole cancer thing is behind us.

It's snowing outside right now, the first snow of the season. The first snow is always the best, and with the help of Dr Max Gerson, I hope to be around for many more.


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, Mike. Stay strong. Thank you for all the updates. I am so sorry you are going through this. I know there are lots of people rooting for you and keeping you in their prayers...I know you and your family are in mine. Gemma

Robert said...

It is snowing here in NJ also. A welcome change in the landscape. How are your coffee enemas coming along? Do you still do them with your fever on?

Anonymous said...


You and Amy both show amazing strength. *hugs* to all of you as you heal and beat this nasty thing.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the hard and productive work, Mike. You have a lot of people pulling for you, rooting for you, and eager for every sign of progress.


H.Doan said...


Happy New Year. I feel overwhelmed when I see pictures of your conventional treatment. I walked out the revolving doors at the City of Hope, and chose the Gerson Therapy as my first and only mode of healing. I have only a 8 stitch scar on my side from my biopsy. You can do a Google on my name and see the article or look at my newsletter article by Charlotte. Give me a call some time! Howard Doan

Anonymous said...

Hello again Mike,

Looks like a will get my chance for a testimonial at the upcoming Caregiver's Class. I want to ask permission to mention you after your publication to the Gerson Newsletter. Since we both are kickin' melanoma with "The Diet", I wanted to draw some comparisons. Please email me back at, I wanted to talk when you have time in your schedule. Keep at it!! HD

Anonymous said...

MIke, Have yo checked out appricot seeds? a gentleman at my church had liver cancer and was given 3 months to live. he started eatting mega doses of appricot seeds and 1-1/2 months later his cancer level was 0.. Yes I said Zero.. Google "appricot seeds cure cancer" don't expect any medical backing from it, only survivors will attest to it. May God Bless you and you family... I will keep you in my Prayers.