Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Day of Healing

My healing reaction has continued at full strength for a fourth straight day. As yesterday came to a close, I needed a break. I took one Tylenol and almost immediatley started feeling better. Although the healing process was being interrupted, for those couple of hours, I didn't care.

I woke up with only a slight fever, but it didn't take long to hit and then average ~102 for the remainder of the day. On a good note I've been keeping up with my diet. I'm eating, I'm just not finishing it. Although I am eating more now than I did the first time.

I've started to feel sick to my stomach each time I start a coffee break. When this occurred while in Mexico, the doctor reduced my juice intake and coffee schedule. Based on that, I decided to slow things down a bit today.

I am currently due for more bloodwork. I'll need to wait until this healing reaction is over, but even then my bloodwork will likely show some strange numbers. My guess is that my local doctor will be a touch more concerned than he's been with my earlier labs.

As terrible as I feel, I welcome the healing process to stay as long as it takes to heal my body. Within reason of course. With Christmas right around the corner, I need to be in tip top shape. As everything else has been by the book, I figure the next reaction should be in about 6 months. This exhausts the generous 12 month prognosis handed down by Dr Sharfman. I sure hope we can prove him wrong this time.

Correction: The book states that another strong healing reaction is typically seen in chemo pretreated cases around 6 months after the start of treatment. IL2 is considered chemo so I'll be expecting another major reaction in only a few months time. The book also states that I will likely experience smaller more predictable flare ups and inflammations and it could take the body any number of them to fully heal. The book is very clear about one thing, the healing process is unique for each individual and is dependent on countless factors, including the type and severity of the disease. Also please remember that the Gerson Therapy is not a specialized or focused treatment. It cleanses the whole body. As the theory goes, once the immune system is properly working the body will completely heal. Sorry for the confusion.


Debbie said...

Amen to that!

Daniela said...

i think you are certain to send MANY a holiday card to the kind Doc Scharfman...!!!

also, you can get some relief, if needed, with the "Triad" (50 mg niacin, 500 mg vit c, 5 g of aspirin) in lieu of Tylenol, an extra enema, and rubbing a soaked cloth with potassium olution all ofer your body. it very quickly takes the edge off the whole body muscle aches...AND it sounds as if you are going to be wrapping this reaction up soon...take great care today!!!!

in warmth,
the scholls

Natalie (SBT) said...

I must say I've been very excited about your healing reaction! I noticed that you're resting, that's good. Is Tylenol OK for your program? I didn't know that it could be. I hope your nausea during coffee breaks dinimisnes; that's an awful way to feel.