Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blood work results are in, "You're healthy!"

Once again it is time for another round of blood work. I decided to try a new way and attempt to get my insurance company to foot the bill. After all, I'm saving them quite a bit of money by choosing carrots over chemo, but that's another story. So there is a new doctor in my life, one that I've only recently talked with regarding my illness. The voice message that he left after getting my lab results back was priceless and it goes something like this ...

"Hi Mike, this is [your doctor]. I have really good news for you. I have all but one of the results back from your blood work and they are perfect! In fact, they are better than mine. The only abnormality is with your cholesterol which is low. So that is great! [he chuckled] ..."

That made me smile. We've all been tracking my blood work so there should be no surprises, but it was amusing to hear his reaction. I'm a pretty healthy sick dude.

Fact is, I am quite healthy and the food that I eat will help me stay that way. Please continue this fight with me as we prove to the world that the Gerson Therapy works. Shhhh ... Don't tell the doctors, it will be our little secret. Besides, isn't it fun to see how much money they are spending to buy their cure?


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on the excellent news! What cancer markers or other evidence do they use in your case, if you don't mind my asking? My friend had surgery for mucosal malignant melanoma and doesn't want to do chemo or radiation but she doesn't know what tests to ask for to try to keep some kind of tabs on what is happening in her body. She is on a vegan diet with lots of green smoothies.

Mike Brockey said...

There are no cancer markers in my case. These positive results simply mean that the tumors have not been able to penetrate tissue nor block critical pathways. I am still in this fight, in fact its quite early!

Lori said...


What excellent news this is for you and your family. And for us too. Thanks for sharing your journey and information with us caring strangers.

Stay well and stay positive!!!


@tavdb said...

Excellent!! Your doctor may think you have "abnormally" low cholesterol, but what we (in the US) consider low cholesterol would be considered high in other parts of the world that eat mostly a plant-centered diet. More likely you have normal cholesterol levels - LOL. If your blood work is this healthy, I'm sure the cancer does not like it ;-)

this is paul said...

Fantastic news - I hoist my glass of freshly made carrot apple juice in you honor!

this is dad

Hayden Douglas Williamson said...

Congratulations Mike,

This is wonderful news. I have been following your blog since Aunt Joni sent me the link. I check every week for updates and will continue too.

I am so happy for you Amy, Ella and the one on the way!

Hope things continue to get better!

Sending love and prayers,

Katie Ward

Stu said...


Low cholesterol? I recommend bacon. In fact, as one of the eight basic food groups, there is much to speak for when dealing with a large rasher of...

Oh, wait...

Never mind.

Mike Brockey said...

Mmm... Bacon.

john divico said...

since you are an expert now, if you get bored....please comment on the SMART BALANCE 'butter' [healthwise], and rumors i've heard that homemade distilled water can make toxins even more concentrated??
praying and rooting for you - tell yer mom hi for me
i'm on yer dad's facebook
john divico

Anonymous said...

That's very encouraging news Mike. I'm very happy for you. Great motivation to keep juicing, and keep kicking Cancers butt!

Big Cyber Hugs!

Laurie said...

Hey...Anonymous stole my line! I thought I was the only "Woo Hoo"er in your life! :o)

Good to hear that you are doing so incredibly well, Mike! Prayers continue to go up that you heal, and heal, and heal, and..oh yeah...enjoy renewed health!

Love you and your family! Hope all are doing GREAT!

<3 Laurie

Emily McAuliffe said...

Hey Mike - love your blog. You remind me of my husband - and you both share the same name. He is 42 and stage IIIa. You are an inspiration...and we will be purchasing a juicer ASAP. We send a very loud FU to Melanoma from San Francisco over to you.
Thx, Emily