Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Help Wanted

Seeking motivated individual to perform duties of the Gerson regimen.

- The day is long and allows for only few breaks. When you are not running the juicer, you are undoubtedly cleaning, chopping or preparing for further juices or freshly prepared meals.

- Candidate must have license and own vehicle. Vehicle must be large enough to carry the more than 100 pounds of fresh organic produce that is required weekly. Pick up is easy as MOM's Organic Market has committed to have it ready.

- Ability to apply own B12 and crude liver injection is a plus!

- Coffee is available throughout the day and 5 daily breaks are offered so that you can enjoy each one. Our coffee is a bit strong so 8oz cup of joe will have to diluted with 8oz of hot water and another 16oz of luke warm water. Please bring your own bucket.

- Moonlighting is permitted only in small quantities. The work here is constant and demanding. We offer only a few short times in the day that you could focus on other "work". You could however use your laptop during coffee breaks, just be careful not to spill!!

- Having no night life is also a plus. After a long day on the Gerson therapy, you will need lots of rest to allow the body to detoxify and heal. Morning comes very quickly and you will need all of your energy!

In lieu of pay, candidate would consume 13 freshly prepared juices and three full flavor vegetarian meals so they can too enjoy the adventurous road back to full health and longevity.

If you are interested in this position, please send along with your resume any known ailments that too will be cured while on the Gerson Therapy.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike. I think these websites will be interesting for you:,, Wish you a lot of health. Klara

Anonymous said...

Tough regimen you're going through. Not many are cut out for the job, that's for sure!

Keep it up Mike...