Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Gerson Therapy and Me: An Update

It has been quite busy around the house over the past two weeks. If I am not juicing, eating or having a coffee break I am undoubtedly preparing to do whichever comes next. What I have learned from the past two weeks is that there is no point in rushing, taking shortcuts or stressing. It only slows you down in the end. Finding your rhythm is the key to success on the Gerson Therapy.

If the schedule wasn't already enough to keep one busy, it will be now that the pace is about to pick up. We're moving up to 13 freshly prepared juices and 5 coffee breaks each and every day!

I recently had another round of blood work drawn. The results have come back and show that my body has bounced back quite well from the reaction. My lymphocytes are up which indicate that my immune system is now better prepared to fight off disease. Other key indicators show that my liver function continues to be strong.

My weight is holding steady at about 158. A few pounds in either direction depending on when I last ate. When I first arrived in Mexico I weighed in at 165 and had been steadily holding that weight since my stage IV diagnosis in May. Two of the main components of the Gerson diet are low fat and low sodium. Having extra sodium forces the body to retain more water in our cells. When we lower our sodium and increase our potassium intake, the body is then able to shed the additional water weight. I'm confident that this explains my recent weight loss, especially when you consider that my mom also lost six or seven pounds during her stay at the clinic.

I continue to have what I am considering flare ups in my stomach. Since going on the diet I can feel something happening in the areas where my tumors exist on both my liver and spleen. Dr Gerson talks about heat and pain around the areas of mass as being a sign of healing. I can only consider what I am feeling as a sign that the therapy continues to provide textbook examples of its effectiveness in my case. I am convinced that the Gerson Therapy is working.

I feel strong and I have plenty of energy. Quite honestly, I don't think I've ever felt this healthy in my life! It was certainly an unfortunate series of events that got me to where I am today, but I am grateful that I've been able to learn as much about the importance of nutrition and it's direct link to health. I only hope that through my experiences, others will benefit from this knowledge before falling victim to preventable chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.


Pauline Thong said...

Hi Mike,
thanks for sharing your experience on Gerson therapy, I am inspired by your courage and determination as I am also doing Gerson therapy at home in Malaysia for my recently diagnosed breast cancer.
I am doing the modified version and I undertsnad how much work it involved, absolutely agree with you on the rythym.

I pray that you recover soon and your testimony will save many others.


Lori said...


I am glad to hear you are feeling healthy. Still with you.

Natalie said...

I'm glad to get an update on your activities, and your weight is great! I am very interested in your descriptions of your body's reactions to the treatment.

Stu said...

Mike, where are you?....