Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Mr Cancer

You came into my life most unexpectedly. I've seen you out before. You keep coming back most unwanted. It is time to finally show you the door.

Though unwelcome, your presence is not your fault. Merely a product of your environment. It could be that you are not wired correctly, perhaps in your DNA.

You have tried to take what is mine. Even after you've been defeated you continue to fight. Pointless as it is really, I've already figured you out.

You are foolish not to change your ways. Your weakness will escort you to your end. I can no longer allow you to spread your hatred towards life, this rule I will not bend.

The things you seek to destroy are off limits to you. I understand you've lost other battles, I plan to see this one through.

There is nothing good about you. I've searched but you continue to be destructive. When you bring others down with you, this I can no longer forgive.

I am who I am, because of you. Enlightened. Empowered. I will defeat you.

I am who I am, because of you. Enlightened. Empowered. I will defeat you.

Mr Cancer, simply leave and be through as the lesson learned here has been great. I hope that my message of life will be enough to spare the next from your take.

Dear Mr Cancer, this is me saying good-bye to you.


It has been an interesting few weeks here at 1 Gerson Way. We are all still here and things are going strong. The past couple days have been tough, emotionally and physically. I feel like another reaction may be coming on. I am planning to have more blood work in another week or so. The doctor had been considering starting the castor this go round. That aught to kick this thing into high gear. And for those still reading, I will try not to burn that many ticks before my next post.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you posting again, Mike. I like the attitude! Stay strong.

TY said...

Hey Mike, was looking out for ur update. Keep going strong, you are an encouragement for many out there... PS. I'm at BNC :)

Daniela said...

thank you for sharing such a powerful declaration.

you WILL defeat cancer...

the scholls

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you Mike. I know you are busy in battle, but think of you. Sending you good vibes and wishes - and yes with that attitude, you will win this fight!


this is paul said...

This is my son -

love you man
your very proud dad!

Carla said...

Hi Mike,

It's great to be able to keep tabs on you from far away. I'm so proud that you had the courage and determination to try and then commit to the Gerson therapy so wholeheartedly. You are an extraordinary man with an extraordinary support system. I wish you success after success after success and improved health as you pass through reactions and continue to heal yourself.

You remain in our thoughts and we're grateful that you keep us informed. More power to you and all those who love and support you!

Carla, Stu and Aidan (with special hellos to Kaige)

Laurie said...

Hey Mike! You know...you post something this eloquent and this empowering...and you just HAVE to know that I'm going to use it some time. But it's only because you and your family have stolen my heart!

I have a friend, Ellen, who started a project called "Dear Cancer." She lost her brother to cancer after a very brief battle, and she always found comfort in journaling, but not during her care of her brother. She said she'd always journaled for herself, and her feelings were outside of herself (my words...not hers). So one day she decided to write TO cancer and tell it just what it had taken from her.

Do you mind if I share your letter with her? She was scheduled to speak at my Relay events last year, but the dates didn't fit with her schedule. Maybe this year she will be able to come. Her program is for patients, survivors, family and friends...all those who are affected by a loved one's cancer diagnosis.

You are AMAZING! Keep up the fight in whatever manner is right for you! I am truly getting an education! :o)

Love to you and to Amy!!! (Please rub her tummy for me too!) Prayers going up for your continued recovery!

<3 Laurie

Anonymous said...

I look at your website every day hoping for an update. I am so glad you are still posting updates. I'm praying for you.