Friday, September 18, 2009

Vegetables May Help Fight Melanoma

I found this article today...

Vegetables May Help Fight Melanoma
Monday August 31, 2009

Scientists have found that combining isothiocyanates, chemicals found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cabbage, with selenium may inhibit the development of melanoma. Isothiocyanates by themselves are not very potent, but exchanging a sulfur bond with selenium changes everything. This combination has the potential to inhibit the growth of tumors in mice by 50 to 60 percent.

This combination targets the Akt3 protein that is used in the development of melanoma. Blocking this protein reduced the growth of tumors in mice but did not work equally on 3 different melanoma cell lines.

There is still much more research to be done but the investigators believe their findings may lead to an IV drug that could treat melanoma or an additive to sunscreen to prevent melanoma.


Are you kidding me? Do they have to synthesize everything? Why can't a doctor tell his patient to change his life style and start eating healthy? Why does it HAVE to come in the form of a pill? Doctor's won't tell you that you're fat and that you have to change your diet or else you'll die. They will instead give you a pill to lower your choleserol or better yet, offer Gastric Bypass surgery which will only buy a little more time. Is it because they don't know the answer themselves? It is because people just don't want to change? Will people sue the doctor for calling them fat?

The same applies for cancer. They are simply trying (and failing) to remove the tumor. They are not interested in fixing the problem.

Is the Gerson Therapy a CURE FOR CANCER? I don't know, but the fact is that chemo drugs kill, cause secondary cancers and give horrific side effects. Heck, anyone can do chemo. I like my decision.


April Aquila said...

I agree. I see people of our generation dying rapidly trying the quick fix or expecting the newest pill to work and not being accountable for there own health. Medicine has it's place but it's not always the answer. I recently knew someone who took chemo lived for 5 yrs in remission and then got a secondary leukiema that took her in just a couple weeks. The original cancer never came back but the leukiema was a direct (proven) result of the chemo. I applaud you efforts and knowledge.

Stu Hancock said...


What April said applies to my mother. Breast cancer, survived the mastectomy, radiation, chemo...

Oh, wait, not the chemo. It gave her leukemia. Same gig, direct, proven result. Known side effect. She died within 18 months.

Daniela said...

Mike, feel free to post these in your Gerson Recipe page (i wasnt clear how to post on the site...sorry!)

2 recipes my husband loved on gerson therapy (not in the cookbooks, but made with all gerson approved ingredients)

SEASONED CROUTONS; satisfies the desire for something really extra crunchy!

1. Chop 6-8 slices of Gerson approved bread into small cubes (organic,
saltless, sourdough rye bread, which we ordered from a bakery in
canada...they shipped us 12 loaves at a time...listed in one of the gerson book appendix:

tel: 800.268.1589
Rudolph's specialty bakery
390 alliance ave
toronto, canada M6N2H8

2. Place in glass cookware, and season with fresh chopped:

onion, parsley, garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage

3. Bake on low heat, 150-200 degrees. Stir occasionally, and bake for
about 2 hours, or until desired "crunchiness" and so that all the
onion/garlic is cooked, otherwise when you store it, the onion if
still moist will turn bad...

4. Divide batch into serving sizes for daily allotment of bread (so if
made with 8 slices, divide into 8 servings.

5. Delicious over salads, in soups, or just as a snack that is crunchy
in texture.


1. Soak 1 cup of organic dried apricots overnight in distilled H2o.
Drian H2o next day, and stew in fresh batch of distilled H2o (2 cups
of water). DO NOT discard water after apricots are stewed!!! Remove
apricots from water & mash them up in a dish. Set aside mashed
apricots & water for later use...

2. Peel & slice 4-5 organic apples (any kind good for baking), 2
bananas, & 1 pear (you can vary the fruits to your liking, but the
banana gave it a fabulous sweetness)

3. Use a deep glass dish for baking in: layer the bottom of the dish
with uncooked organic oats, nutmeg & allspice. then alternate layers
of sliced fruit, apricot mash, and thin layers of oats, nutmeg &
allspice. fill to top of dish, with topmost layer of dessert being a
layer of oats...this is like the top crust.

4. Use "apricot water" to drizzle over the top layer of will
run down into the lower layers. Gives it another level of sweetness.

5. Bake covered for 45 minutes on 300 degrees, then uncovered for 10
minutes...vary cooking time/temperature to your liking.

5b. Serve with plain, nonfat yogurt drizzled over your serving, topped
with a dash of nutmeng.

6. can vary the fruits with peaches, plums, cherries, etc...whatever
is organic & gerson approved.

Daniela said...

Mike, one more thing...we also created a highly functional Gerson Therapy set-up in our home when my husband began his therapy. It was efficient, streamlined, and included a custom built enema table in the bathroom, much like the ones at BNC. It is a gorgeous piece of 'furniture", upholstered by a master craftsman...I'm letting you know about this in case you are in need of an enema table for your return home. If so, I can send you photos of it and figure out how to get it to you.

My home email is:

I hope your family is doing well while you are away. We had an infant when my husband went to BNC, so I was unable to go to BNC like your wife. Hang in there. You'll all be together very soon...

We are cheering you on from afar...

Daniela & Robert Scholl

Anonymous said...

From the research I've read, I'll place my bet on Gerson Therapy over chemo any day. There seems to be three keys to reversing cancer:

1) turning off inflammation with flax seed oil - from what I've read you're getting it twice a day

2) vegan diet (less than 5% of calories coming from animal protein) - turns off cancer mechanism (see

3) green juice/green smoothies - floods the body with fresh leafy greens packed with anti-cancer phytonutrients

one prerequisite is that your digestive track is able to absorb nutrients properly - no candidiasis or IBS

also don't forget affirmations - they get your mind to cooperate with your body to kill cancer (see

You're going to beat this!

Mike Brockey said...

Flax oil twice a day in the beginning is correct. A little known fact. Charlotte Gerson is allergic to flax oil. After 22 years of following the diet strictly, an adverse reaction started to appear. Make sure you add in some other fats once the cancer has gone. :)

I enjoy reading your blog, and I think that your advice is sound. Thanks for sharing and I wish you luck in your journey!

I've added your blog to my list.

Mike Brockey said...

Daniela, thanks for the recipes! As you know having some variety on this diet will be key for a successful long haul! I will surly post these on the recipe site and give you full credit! :)

Thank you for your support. I am convinced that this is the right treatment for me.

Robert said...

Hi Mike. The reason the pharma companies need to make it into a pill is so they can patent it and commercialise it. Also, consumer demand seems to also dictate a fast-food mentality when it comes to treatments & cures. Pop a pill and have a smoke and drink after. The big corporates love it.