Thursday, September 24, 2009

My 3rd week on the Gerson Therapy in Tijuana

We all met up this morning in the courtyard as Austin and Ross made thier journey back into the world. This was a really amazing story as just two weeks prior, Austin was brought in on a wheelchair. He had been in some pretty serious pain and was on heavy narcotics. Within a week of being to the clinic, Austin was walking on his own accord and was finally able to join us for dinner. With the proper comittment and dedication, this therapy truley can heal the body. We wish him all the luck in his recovery!

Some of us decided that we'd go for a walk and visit another alternative clinic which was right up the street. We also wanted to check out the arena where the bull fights take place. There are a couple very nice homes nearby. Unlike home, no two homes here look alike. They all have their very own style. The only common element is that just about all of them are gated and walled off. Maybe it's not quite the quiet town we were led to believe. One home even had broken glass bottles that were upside down sticking out of a walk partition on the roof. Seemed like a pretty effective way to deter someone from using the roof top to gain access.

The arena was a pretty cool sight to see. So much so that we failed to remember that we also wanted to have a look at the other clinic. Such is life ... We were only 3 blocks away from the beach so we walked down to the boardwalk and made our way south back to the clinic.

I am now on the full program which includes 13 juices and 5 coffee breaks each day. My day starts at 6 AM and is completed at 9 PM. With the exception of every other day which is castor day. Tomorrow being the next, I will get up at 5:30 AM and drink about 1oz of castor oil and chase it down with 1/2 black coffee with some brown sugar. Yum!

This weekend we'll try to convince Dr Cervantes to take us to the arena and see the bull fight! It would be a shame to come all the way down here and miss this Mexican tradition!

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