Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing home, staying strong! Day 8 @ BNC

I've been feeling a little run down recently. Could this be the beginning of a healing reaction? They say it usually takes 10 to 14 days before you experience your first "crisis", to which I am eagerly looking forward.

I get my blood work back tomorrow and will meet again with the doctor to check on levels. One interest is my blood pH level. When I first got here, I had a level of 7.0, which is not bad. Eating meats, sweats and other things that you would expect on the typical American Diet end up being very acidic in the body which brings that number down. Since cancer tends to thrive in lower pH levels, we should all try to keep our levels up. This is what we call being alkaline. Our goal here is to raise my alkalinity to pH 8.0 or higher.

I am starting to see one of the biggest side effects that this therapy has to offer. I think the palms of my hands are turning yellow. I have to be careful since it could appear to be jaundice which is a possible indication that my cancer is spreading. I don't think there is a blood test to detect the level of carrot juice in my system, but the CBC can identify jaundice by elevated bilirubin.

It is a terrible shame that we have to travel out of the country to receive this treatment. In a land where adults can form their own opinions and make their own decisions, it is ridiculous that my only LEGAL treatment in the United States would probably kill me. RIP Patrick Swayze.


Natalie said...

LOL @ the carrot juice test. Nice to read another update!

Lori Daly said...

Thanks for the update. Sending you postive thoughts today for a high pH reading. Keep us posted on that.

AMEN to it being ridiculous that a nutritional aspect is not part of the cure for Cancer in the U.S. You would think the doctors would at least tell you what and what not to eat to help yourself fight.

Stay well. ;)

Natalie said...

@Lori Daly: In fact, the opposite is true. When I was cooking and juicing for a Gerson follower, her doctor told her to drink Ensure to top up her calories and nutrients 8-o!!

Mike Brockey said...

My oncologists told me to eat donuts and McDonalds to keep my weight up. It isn't their fault, these guys just don't know about nutrition. When they eat themselves to cancer or heart disease like we all do, they too will share their blog about how they changed their diets and how there really is something behind this "quack" stuff. Heck, it wasn't that long ago that the doctors were telling us to smoke cigarettes! Do any of you remember those commercials?

Stu Hancock said...

My mother and father went on a carrot juice kick some years ago. They were both pianists, and my mother's students started to remark about the serious orange color her hands were turning...

I think if you go jaundiced from liver problems you'll yellow lots of places, eyes especially. My amateur observation.

- Stu