Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lecture by Charlotte Gerson: Please watch!

Here is a video of an early lecture by Charlotte Gerson where she talks about how people with all sorts of diseases are living years later, without any evidence of disease. This includes cancer, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis and many more. She does a nice job of explaining how this happens. It is a two hour lecture, but consider playing it in the background while you carry on with your day.

What do you think?


Lori Daly said...

Thank you for sharing this. It's hard to believe that the Gerson Therapy is not more well known. If I was diagnosed with cancer, I would surely head to Mexico as my first fight against the disease. No questions. Can you please send me the link to this video. I would like to post just the link to the video on FB and Twitter...

I hope you are doing well. :)
If you have more time you should write about what you are doing at the clinic all day. I am very interested in hearing about it.

Silvana Procopio said...

Hi Mike!

Your blog is wonderful and helps a lot of other patients, thank you!
Please keep up the excellent work you are doing and stay positive, the therapy DOES work.

Warm regards,