Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gerson Therapy @ Baja Nutri Care Hospital in Mexico: Day 1

Wow, this place is amazing. There are so many nice people either going through the therapy or supporting their loved ones. I came on a day where three patients were leaving. With room enough for 10 patients, the arrival of a new face was well greeted. I was immediately taken in for blood work. My last bit of skepticism was halted when I saw the needle being removed from a sterile pack. (versus picked up off the floor) I started to feel a lot better about my decision to come here.

We then headed over to get breakfast. A wonderful assortment of fruits and veggies were accompanied by a large crock pot of oatmeal. Since I had fasted from the night before, I piled my plate high with fruit and grabbed a large bowl of oatmeal with some raisins on top. My therapy has officially started.

The carrot / apple juices are much like the ones I have at home, except they have less of an apple flavor. I guess the locally grown organic apples are larger at home. I don't think it matters much, but I'll verify that I'm not over doing it before I leave. The green juices are very green. Mine had been a bit darker and more reddish in color from the red cabbage. I might have to cut back on that as well.

Today I met Bob. Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 08. He had surgery to remove his prostate in January. The doctors claimed that they got it all. Sound familiar? A few months later the cancer had returned. This time in his bones. Tomorrow he leaves the Gerson clinic after a three week stay. He has been cancer free since the second week. He will of course stay on the diet for another two years as the liver comes back to 100%. Bob has such energy and I'm sure he'll get to enjoy spending time with his latest grand baby that is 6 months old and watch her grow.

Another interesting person that I met here today was a guy by the name of Mike. He is a companion supporting his mother Kathy, who has breast cancer. Mike has been working on a documentary about his mom's recovery while on the Gerson Therapy. He asked if I would be interested in sharing my story. Though we've all seen videos and interviews, it boggles my mind how little the public knows about this therapy as on option. I only hope that through my blog and people like Mike, we can share this knowledge and let people know that there are options for treating cancer that do not include drugs and surgery.

Tomorrow I will have a chance to meet Charlotte Gerson. Daughter of the famous Dr Max Gerson. As do most patients I'm sure does, I'll have her sign my book. :) (and get a photo)

I am in Tijuana, Mexico at the Baja Nutri Care hospital, the official Gerson clinic in Mexico. I am going to win my battle against malignant melanoma which has spread to my liver and spleen.


Anonymous said...


Sounds like you and the clinic are a great match.

We are cheering you along through your battle!


Daniela said...

Dear Mike,

Congrats to you on a Day One with such comfort and ease. It is a treat to be on Gerson Therapy and have it 100% prepared by others!

It is a mind-bender that Gerson Therapy is still such a 'best kept secret', and it takes a certain degree of willingness on the part of the new listener to put aside all we've been "taught" about the need for Pharma drugs to treat illness...Gerson Therapy is a way of healing that is simply in accordance and alignment with the natural ways of the World.

Have a wonderful meeting with Charlotte. She is a radiant human being...

Cheering you on from Ithaca, NY

Daniela Hess Scholl & Robert Scholl

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
thank you for sharing your experience, it's very comforting to read your €post while doing the therapy at home myself, I am from Malaysia and Tijauna is out of reach!

Looking forward to hear you 'all clear' report soon! and your testimony will save many other people from cancer!


To my friends said...


I certainly pray to God that you will defeat in this battle. I am doing research on alternative treatment for my mother that was recently diagnosed with metastasis of uterine cancer and the allopath doctor has told us she only has 6 months to a year to live. A friend told me about the Gerson Therapy and I just saw a documentary on these types of alternative treatments. It would be a blessing if you could tell me if you think this therapy is worthy compared to other alternative clinics like The Oasis of Hope, or the Hoesxy Clinic.

Many Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Christian Gonzalez

To my friends said...

Hi Mike,
I pray to God you will defeat in this battle. My mother was recently diagnosed with metastasis of uterine cancer and the doctor gave us only 6 months to a year. I have been looking into alternative treatments and a friend of mine told me about the Gerson Therapy. I am pretty sure you looked into different clinics just like my family and I have, I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me why you chose the Nutri Clinic?

Many thanks!
Kind Regards,
Christian Gonzalez

James said...

Mike ,

I found this in my research . I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer ,early stage , in Dec 2010 . I was curious about " Bob " in your blog . You say that he was cancer free after two weeks of treatment . Usually , one cannot know this until many months have passed during which many diagnostic tests are done . I was wondering how this determination is made at the Clinic ?

Anyway , hope that you were successful and currently healthy .


Mike Brockey said...

Jim - I remember Bob from the clinic. Always had a great smile. I know they were following the PSA blood markers at the clinic with him. I don't know if there were other factor's but I do believe a portion on it was PSA related.