Thursday, September 3, 2009

Every Gerson Therapy practitioner should have a juicing room.

What makes this a juicing room?

First of all it will be a dedicated work space where I will be able to clean, chop and prepare all the necessary fruits and veggies that are required for the 13 daily juices on the Gerson regimen that are freshly prepared every hour. I have been using the kitchen, and let me just say it ain't fun for anyone to be in the same room during this process. This room will have a 10 foot counter top for dedicated fruit and veggie prep work. There will be a wire shelve conveniently placed over the 34" wide stainless steel sink basin for drying everything from lettuce leaves to juicer parts.

The water needs to be pure. There is some debate as to how pure it needs to be. For now I will be installing a whole house carbon filter which should remove all the major nasties from the water supply. This will affect the whole house so that even the showers will benefit from having fluoride and chlorine removed. For this room I was considering either installing a reverse osmosis system or a water distiller. I need to get more clarification on this when I go to Mexico.

There will also be at least two refrigerators dedicated to this workspace. The current plan is to have one small compact refrigerator under the counter to store enough veggies for the day. I plan to have another full sized refrigerator just outside the door to hold veggies for (hopefully) a week or two. It will take some planning and figuring out to see just how much I need and how long they will last. It's either I buy too much and have it spoil, or spend all my time driving to Mom's Organic Market for more produce!

Though it has changed slightly, here is the initial design.

Since I am supposed to avoid being in contact with what some would consider toxic chemicals, I've asked my Uncle Ken to step in and manage the job for me.

This is Pepa, my dad. Today he is cutting studs, tomorrow he will be managing the electrical work.

This is Ella expressing her feelings towards cancer. I think she is flicking it off! :)

Gerson Therapy is a tough regimen that includes 13 daily juices that are prepared fresh every hour. In my attempt to streamline the process in my fight for better health, I decided to build a juicing room.


Mike Brockey said...

Ok, I'll make the first comment about it ... the craigslist posting (as seen in the plan for the room) was for a set of cabinets that I had originally considered for the room. I decided against them and decided on getting instant gratification by making the purchase at Home Depot instead. :)

Daniela said...

Dear Mike,

I was just catching up on Gerson Therapy group posts, and saw that you are headed to BNC husband, Robert Scholl, was there for 3 weeks to kick-off his cancer healing journey which began 2 yrs ago...his Blog is @

Wanted you to know that you have many people, both friends and strangers, wishing you all the best. If we can be resources for you in any way (as professional Health Coaches @ www.InsightCoaching.US) or assist you in the intricacies of implementing accurate and efficient GErson Therapy in your home upon your return, please fell free to call on us.

Most Warmly,
Daniela Hess Scholl