Monday, September 28, 2009

Does the Gerson Therapy work?

If the past few days are any indication, I would have to conclude that the Gerson Therapy does in fact coerce the body to release toxins which will promote whole body healing. My first healing reaction lasted more than 5 days. The timing of it was impeccable. Trying to finish up the therapy, travel and then sorting it all out upon the return home all while under a so called healing crisis is definitely something to avoid. It's tough to feel ill, but it must not hinder the process.

It all started on Friday, the 25th. I woke up experiencing some minor pain in the center of my chest. The nurse walked in to my room at about 5:30 AM, it was castor day. As I talked about in my previous, it all came on rather quickly.

I started each of the next few mornings with the best of intentions. I would get up feeling pretty good and excited to join the world. I would head to breakfast and pile on the oat meal and then smother it with raisins, apricots and a little brown sugar. Grab a plate of fruit, toasted unsalted 100% rye bread and of course my morning juice. I usually got through just about half of it when my stomach stopped agreeing with me. It continued through out the remainder of the day and usually even prevented me from eating any lunch or dinner all together.

I spent a LOT of time in bed, simply resting. After having a solid low grade fever for several hours, the doctor would bring me tylenol to bring it under control. Fever is a critical part of healing and indicates a working immune system. Of course it must be monitored.

At night, I would experience the shakes. These were much like the rigors that I had while in the hospital under IL-2. By time I realized that I had been shaking they quickly subsided and I would start to sweat as if I were breaking a fever. I think the shakes in my case we're a personal reaction, not common for most. Was this the IL-2 being reintroduced? Oh lucky me!

I was never really in a good place to fire up the laptop and craft a blog post. I've gone back and read some of my posts that I wrote while sick in the hospital. I've decided on no further sick day postings. Rather I will recount them when I have better energy and brain function. You're welcome.

Tuesday started out just like the days before. Today was different, I was finally able to finish my breakfast. Seems like my major reaction had ended and I was getting back to normal. Perfect timing seeing as it was also travel day!

Since I had not been eating, the doctor decided to reduce my schedule. We want to rebalance and build me back up. I've got to say, the reduced schedule was a blessing as we are learning how to do this all over again in our new environment.

The room by the way is fantastic! I will address this further in the days ahead.

I've continued to experience much less severe "flare-ups" throughout the flight home and today. Results may vary for everyone, but so far the Gerson Therapy has performed as advertised.


Anonymous said...

So what kind of diet did they put you on after you left their care: vegan, vegetarian, omnivore?

Mike Brockey said...

I am still very much on the vegan diet, but mainly simple soft cooked foods like potatoes, oatmeal and the soup. I'm to avoid live greens for now and citrus fruits. I'm feeling much better today, and looking forward to getting back to the full variety.

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