Monday, September 14, 2009

A day in the life on Gerson Therapy

It has been requested and here it is. I am providing a sort of "day in the life" on the Gerson Therapy. Please remember, that I've only been here 6 days and I'm not quite on the full schedule. But don't worry, that doesn't mean this posting will be short by any means. :)

7:15 - Starting the day behind schedule, I slept in. I quickly stole a few grapes from the fresh fruit basket and headed for the bathroom. No details here, but a tip for those practicing, buy a thermos for your coffee. It is a brilliant time saver!

I have no real clothing options today as I sent everything to the laundry yesterday. I was banking on getting some of them by evening. For future reference, hold back a decent outfit for the next day just in case.

8:05 - It is time for breakfast. This is Sunday, and it appears that Felix and the doctor actually took the day off. They are typically here from morning until night. It was good to see them take a well deserved break.

I really enjoy breakfast. There are a few tables lined up on two of the walls with all of the food served buffet style. I like to load my a bowl full of oatmeal and then pile on the raisins and apricots. Never really had apricots before being here. I like to slice them and then mix it all together. Today I even put on a a small scoop of brown sugar. On a small plate I spooned on a pile of banana slices, some cantaloupe and honey dew. I really look forward to breakfast.

With so many people coming from so many places, you can imagine the number of stories and conversation topics at the table. There is a gentleman here from Monaco. I think we all find his conversations very interesting.

On my walk back to the room, I start thinking about how I'm going to spend the day. I really need to plan out how this is going to work when I get home. The schedule is already pretty hectic, and I don't even have to do any of the preparation. I need to get on this. No relaxing today, I've got some planning to do.

9:01 - Back in the room, it is time for Juice. For some reason I though back to a conversation that I had with Steven back home about PEX water lines. And that was it! I solved my problem of how I would run heated water from my distillery to my upstairs bathroom via conduit. -- Oh wait, I forgot that I am supposed to get b12 and vitals after breakfast. (again)

I ran down stairs to into the nurses office with a big grin. I'm way late this morning. I need to get better about this. Anyhow, the vitals are good and the shot was cake.

9:30 - It is time for another juice. I'm on the 10 juice a day plan right now. Its pretty busy with just 10 in a day. Juices are very good. I now have 4 drops of potassium being added to each and Lugols solution being added only to the apple / carrot drinks. I can slightly taste the difference, but they are still good.

Browsing the internet like crazy trying to figure out what distiller to purchase. I have this grand vision of pumping water from a water distillery with pump through a water heater so that I can have pure hot and cold water service in my new dedicated Gerson room (see earlier posts). My earlier comment regarding PEX will allow me to run another water line up to my existing shower so that I can also shower in heated purified water without having to build another bathroom. It's a stretch, I think we can do it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

10:00 - Juice time! Seems like I just had one. Along with browsing, I'm also chatting with family and friends about my pure water dilema. Somehow I miss an email from Amy asking if I wanted to iChat before the baby's nap time. The baby had apparently been demanding to speak to me. :(

10:25 - Laundry arrived.

11:09 - Time for some supplements. Being on the 10 a day plan, I have no 11 am juice. I take my pills with peppermint tea. This is my new green tea. We're allowed to drink this all the time.

My mom and I decide to go to the beach today...

11:38 - Back from beach. We realized that we probably went at the exact wrong time. I am nice and hot now. Time to cool off and relax.

12 Noon - Time for a juice. This one is a green juice. These don't contain lugols, but I can certainly taste the potassium more in the green than I do in the others. After this juice, it is time for coffee.

12:30. Join the world. Take some pills. Start thinking about lunch. I wonder what we're having today.

1pm - Lunch time! Both dinner and lunch are built around a potato and the Hippocrates soup which are very high in potassium. We also have a salad and some flaxseed oil. Variety comes in the form of cooked vegetable platters. Today we had spaghetti squash with raisins and Spinach a la Mexicana. This was spinach mixed with onions and tomatoes. (Mexicana = red, white and green) Anyway, these were probably two of my most favorite dishes.

Conversations at lunch had some of us there until just about 3pm.

3:00 - More supplements.

I'm relaxing on the bed and pick up the Gerson handbook. Started reading more into Hydrotherapy. They offer it here as an adjuvant treatment for pain and as a way to promote detoxification. What is mostly interesting to me about it is that I recall a story from a friend about how they sometimes use hot water baths when they feel the onset of flu. The theory is that diseased cells have a certain temperature range in which they can survive. Much like a fever is one mechanism that your body uses to fight illness, heat can be used to help fight off malignant cancer cells. Don't believe me? Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a similar treatment. Anyhow, its something to ask the doctor about tomorrow.

More reading, more researching, less relaxing ...

4:05 - More supplements. Again my reduced schedule has me juice free at both 3PM and 4PM. I wonder if this will change tomorrow. I'm starting to get a hang of the schedule, I bet a change is right around the corner.

6:00 - My son, Kaige dials in to iChat. He's been at his mom's place all weekend so other than a few one line text chats here and there we haven't had a chance to talk. It was getting close to his bed time (Eastern Time), and he was all packed up for his two night camping school field trip. He just started the year and they are already on a trip. I think he really enjoys that school.

6:20 - Arrive at dinner. There was something new at the buffet table today. A hot bowl of fruit. Looks like stewed peaches, pears and raisins. I think we all enjoyed it.

7:00 - Coffee Break.

7:30 - Run back down to the kitchen (cocina) to pick up some peppermint tea before they shut down for the night. I like to always have it on hand. Hot water, tea and coffee are always served in a thermos. Keeps them warm for hours.

The room is much cooler this evening, thanks to Jessie and Charles for giving us an extra fan they had laying around in their room. We now have a total of four fans and an air purifier running. I think we finally have a draft sufficient to move the hot air out. From what the night doctors have mentioned, our room is by far the hottest.

Mom and I watched the second half of Healing Cancer from the Inside Out tonight. This was my second time watching this video. The first time was before the cancer had spread. It kind of makes me wish I would have more seriously considered this therapy at that point.

Now I am blogging ...

One good thing about my disease is that the tumors are not very big. They are not what the doctors would call palpable. The only time I could ever feel them, is by sitting. When I sit in a particular position, like when I drive I can feel an obstruction. It would cause me to shift a great deal, not because it hurt, but because it reminded me of my disease. I don't know what it means quite yet, but I don't have that feeling tonight.

Good night.

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Lori Daly said...


Thanks for the daily run down. It was nice to
hear what is going on there a bit.

I am glad to hear you are not feeling your tumors at this time. This is very positive.

Your mom is wonderful to go to Gerson with you. Keep the posts coming...we are with you.