Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2 in Mexico, Spending the day with Charlotte Gerson

I came out of my room this morning and entered the courtyard where everyone had been collecting to say good bye to Bob and Colette. They were heading back to Canada after a three week stay. Bob, by far had the most personality out of everyone else here. We said our good byes and it wasn't long before I looked over and saw Charlotte Gerson sitting with Dr Cervantes. I was a little star struck! :) She looked over at me so I waved and smiled.

Mrs Gerson visits the clinic every Wednesday and meets with all the patients individually and then as a group. It was my turn to meet her. I sat down as she finished signing a book for Bernard and Anne who had just got here this morning. My nervousness was immediately settled as we started to chat, she was an extremely pleasant person to talk with. She started by asking me about my ailments and why I was here. When she heard it was for melanoma she had wonderful stories about how the therapy has helped heal patients like me numerous times over. Including the story of Beata Bishop who had melanoma that had spread to her groin more than 20 years ago, and now operates the Gerson clinic in Hungary.

Charlotte Gerson, Dr Cervantes and Me

Lunch time was fun. It is always served buffet style but today's table configuration was the same as last night's dinner where we all sat at the same long table. I of course sat at the head of the table. :) Today, Charlotte joined us. It was nice to have her around since everyone had specific questions about the diet.

This weeks lecture was about sodium and the dangers of a high sodium diet. Even more so dangerous than sugar, high levels of sodium cause an imbalance of potassium and prevents cells to properly receive oxygen and nutrients which are required for healthy cells to thrive. I found a great article about it here.

It was nice to meet with Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr Max Gerson. I hope to one day make it on the referral survivor list so that I can share my story with those interested in starting the Gerson Therapy.

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Anonymous said...

my husband has been diagnosed the melanoma cancer in the bones and liver and spleen and brain. Is this something that would benefit us