Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 15: Tired in Tijuana

Today I feel like i kind of hit a wall. I am out of energy and I'm a little grumpy, sorry Mom. My teeth hurt, my mouth hurts and my hair is still falling out. I got my blood work back today which did not indicate anything that would interfere with moving me to the next level so starting tomorrow morning, let the real detoxing begin! This is what it is all about, tomorrow I'm sure I'll be in a ripe mood.

We moved into a new room today. The weather is about to get stifling and since our air conditioner wasn't really working, Felix wanted to get us out of there. Our new room is very nice. It is cool and appears to have been recently renovated. There is less privacy for coffee breaks in this room, so without proper timing the juices may arrive at inopportune times.

Charlotte visited the clinic again today. It is always a pleasure to speak with her. You can tell that not only has she been talking about the Gerson Therapy for a long time but also that she remains faithful and lives it every day. There is no way to fake the yellow glow from the carrot juice.

After dinner this evening my mom and I sat with Bernard and his wife as we always do and chat. A tray of food was delivered from the kitchen at our table which was a little odd since everyone had already finished eating. A moment later Charlotte walks in a greats us. Apparently the border was closed down for several hours after an earlier incident. She said in thirty years, this was the first time she has ever had any issues.

Tomorrow the real detoxing program will begin. Bring it on!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, great blog. Have you seen the news on the new drug results in Berlin today? A new drug with 70% effect on stage 4? Not a cure, but a great big step. I am stage 3 myself, and your blog is a great help. That was me testing above! Lara x x x x
p.s the news is all over our national news in UK, on BBC, if you google it x

Mike Brockey said...

Yes, that is the plx4032 from Plexxikon that I've been so excited about for some time now. The problem is much like you said, it is not a cure. Sure it may shrink your tumors but when you read the protocol of the trial you'll find this. "The patient will receive the drug until tumor progression." Almost like they are expecting it to stop working.

And WHEN it grows back, it will be more aggressive.

I'm certainly not ruling it out, but I won't be jumping on it either. Remember that they also just released information the already FDA approved drug called Avistan. They claim now to have "read the clinical data incorrectly" and melanoma patients really had no more benefit than a sugar pill.

I will be VERY cautious about anything coming from Roche.

If it does work, and I plan to give it some time to flush out in the media, it will need to be combined with something like a dendritic cell vaccine. Only time will tell.

Thanks for following. Was you MM contained within the sentinel lymph?

Anonymous said...

Hello. Yeah, I share your anxiety about the drug companies. I'm due to start a drug trial of Avastin in next few weeks, but I've just read the latest reports and not going to anymore!!

Yes it was contained to my neck lymph (the primary on my scalp), but they are now worried it might ahve spread to my armpit so off for ct scan in the morn. I've terrified out of my wits of it spreading, and I feel quite helpless. I've read TONS of research, and I'm juicing, taking vits, starting macrobiotics etc......but panicking none the less. I have two little ones, like you, that I need to see grow up. I am following your Gerson therapy with interest. Biggest healing vibes to you x

bob said...


How far from LA are you?

-- Bob

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael - this is suraj venna, here is new clip I received just minutes ago, I am sure you are aware....

Researchers say drug targeting genetic mutation appears to shrink advanced melanoma tumors.
BBC News (9/23, Ghosh) reported that, according to results of a study presented "at a major cancer conference," researchers from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital said that the "experimental new drug," PLX4032, "has significantly shrunk skin cancer tumours" in early-stage clinical trials. While the drug is "not a cure, the study of 31 patients with late-stage" melanoma "suggested the therapy could improve the quality of life and extend lifespan."

The UK's Telegraph (9/23, Smith) reported that "tumours shrank by at least 30 percent in two thirds of patients." The Telegraph explained that "patients in the trial all had the BRAF gene and were given the drug...twice a day, which works by suppressing the faulty gene which is driving the tumour." The investigators said that 20 of 22 patients evaluated "have had some objective tumour shrinkage," an "impressive" finding, because "they all had metastatic disease and most of them had failed several prior therapies."

"Within two weeks, scientists noticed a 'rapid and dramatic' shrinking of the tumours," the UK's Daily Mail (9/24) reports. The drug, unlike standard chemotherapy that "aims to block the mechanism of division by interfering directly with DNA replication," works by attacking "the genetic programme that is causing the cells to divide uncontrollably," that is, the BRAF mutation. But, because "the treatment is only suitable for patients with the BRAF genetic mutation," approximately "40 percent of melanoma patients...will not respond to the treatment."

WebMD (9/23, Laino) reported, "The new pill was well tolerated, with no patients dropping out due to side effects." Study lead author Paul Chapman, MD, told WebMD that "in one patient who underwent before-and-after imaging scans, the tumor" appeared to be "completely healed. I've never seen anything like it." The UK's Press Association and Reuters also report the story.

Mike Brockey said...

Dr Venna,

Thank you for sharing. Yes, I have been following the Plx4032 drug ever since you first brought it to my attention. I certainly do have an interest in seeing how this drug will perform in future studies. I have to be honest that because of the other recent press releases of Roche's Avastin (Bevacizumab), I am a little weary.


I hope that upon my return home we can have an honest and open minded discussion.


Mike Brockey said...

Bob -- Someone here was heading to LA by car earlier this week. They had planned it out to be about 3 hours. Not sure if that counted border crossing time or not. Why do you ask?