Monday, September 28, 2009

Does the Gerson Therapy work?

If the past few days are any indication, I would have to conclude that the Gerson Therapy does in fact coerce the body to release toxins which will promote whole body healing. My first healing reaction lasted more than 5 days. The timing of it was impeccable. Trying to finish up the therapy, travel and then sorting it all out upon the return home all while under a so called healing crisis is definitely something to avoid. It's tough to feel ill, but it must not hinder the process.

It all started on Friday, the 25th. I woke up experiencing some minor pain in the center of my chest. The nurse walked in to my room at about 5:30 AM, it was castor day. As I talked about in my previous, it all came on rather quickly.

I started each of the next few mornings with the best of intentions. I would get up feeling pretty good and excited to join the world. I would head to breakfast and pile on the oat meal and then smother it with raisins, apricots and a little brown sugar. Grab a plate of fruit, toasted unsalted 100% rye bread and of course my morning juice. I usually got through just about half of it when my stomach stopped agreeing with me. It continued through out the remainder of the day and usually even prevented me from eating any lunch or dinner all together.

I spent a LOT of time in bed, simply resting. After having a solid low grade fever for several hours, the doctor would bring me tylenol to bring it under control. Fever is a critical part of healing and indicates a working immune system. Of course it must be monitored.

At night, I would experience the shakes. These were much like the rigors that I had while in the hospital under IL-2. By time I realized that I had been shaking they quickly subsided and I would start to sweat as if I were breaking a fever. I think the shakes in my case we're a personal reaction, not common for most. Was this the IL-2 being reintroduced? Oh lucky me!

I was never really in a good place to fire up the laptop and craft a blog post. I've gone back and read some of my posts that I wrote while sick in the hospital. I've decided on no further sick day postings. Rather I will recount them when I have better energy and brain function. You're welcome.

Tuesday started out just like the days before. Today was different, I was finally able to finish my breakfast. Seems like my major reaction had ended and I was getting back to normal. Perfect timing seeing as it was also travel day!

Since I had not been eating, the doctor decided to reduce my schedule. We want to rebalance and build me back up. I've got to say, the reduced schedule was a blessing as we are learning how to do this all over again in our new environment.

The room by the way is fantastic! I will address this further in the days ahead.

I've continued to experience much less severe "flare-ups" throughout the flight home and today. Results may vary for everyone, but so far the Gerson Therapy has performed as advertised.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What is a healing reaction?

I woke up this morning with some pain in my abdomen. It was castor day and I was already feeling pretty bad. I went ahead with the castor and had my cup of navy strong coffee with brown sugar. That certainly didn't help what I was already feeling.

Breakfast came and gone and the pain still lingered. I was tired and I felt the chills were coming over me. I decided to take it easy and go back to the room.

I may have slept for only a little while until i realized that I was burning up. I was hot all over my body. My mom called the nurse who came in confirmed that I had a fever. She told me to remove some blankets and take a warm (not hot) shower.

The juices seem like they are never ending today. I also have a couple mouth sores which get irritated each time I drink them. I have an aloe vera mixture that I use to rinse my mouth after each juice. I was told that my mouth sores were another sign of reaction and that I would most likely not have them again when I am finished the therapy. I can't wait!

The doctor visited a little while later and was pleased to see me in this condition. I've now ruined his plans as Saturday was coming and he was going to take the day off. He said with enthusiasm, "I cannot take a day off when one of my patients are experiencing a healing reaction!"

Happy Healing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My 3rd week on the Gerson Therapy in Tijuana

We all met up this morning in the courtyard as Austin and Ross made thier journey back into the world. This was a really amazing story as just two weeks prior, Austin was brought in on a wheelchair. He had been in some pretty serious pain and was on heavy narcotics. Within a week of being to the clinic, Austin was walking on his own accord and was finally able to join us for dinner. With the proper comittment and dedication, this therapy truley can heal the body. We wish him all the luck in his recovery!

Some of us decided that we'd go for a walk and visit another alternative clinic which was right up the street. We also wanted to check out the arena where the bull fights take place. There are a couple very nice homes nearby. Unlike home, no two homes here look alike. They all have their very own style. The only common element is that just about all of them are gated and walled off. Maybe it's not quite the quiet town we were led to believe. One home even had broken glass bottles that were upside down sticking out of a walk partition on the roof. Seemed like a pretty effective way to deter someone from using the roof top to gain access.

The arena was a pretty cool sight to see. So much so that we failed to remember that we also wanted to have a look at the other clinic. Such is life ... We were only 3 blocks away from the beach so we walked down to the boardwalk and made our way south back to the clinic.

I am now on the full program which includes 13 juices and 5 coffee breaks each day. My day starts at 6 AM and is completed at 9 PM. With the exception of every other day which is castor day. Tomorrow being the next, I will get up at 5:30 AM and drink about 1oz of castor oil and chase it down with 1/2 black coffee with some brown sugar. Yum!

This weekend we'll try to convince Dr Cervantes to take us to the arena and see the bull fight! It would be a shame to come all the way down here and miss this Mexican tradition!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 15: Tired in Tijuana

Today I feel like i kind of hit a wall. I am out of energy and I'm a little grumpy, sorry Mom. My teeth hurt, my mouth hurts and my hair is still falling out. I got my blood work back today which did not indicate anything that would interfere with moving me to the next level so starting tomorrow morning, let the real detoxing begin! This is what it is all about, tomorrow I'm sure I'll be in a ripe mood.

We moved into a new room today. The weather is about to get stifling and since our air conditioner wasn't really working, Felix wanted to get us out of there. Our new room is very nice. It is cool and appears to have been recently renovated. There is less privacy for coffee breaks in this room, so without proper timing the juices may arrive at inopportune times.

Charlotte visited the clinic again today. It is always a pleasure to speak with her. You can tell that not only has she been talking about the Gerson Therapy for a long time but also that she remains faithful and lives it every day. There is no way to fake the yellow glow from the carrot juice.

After dinner this evening my mom and I sat with Bernard and his wife as we always do and chat. A tray of food was delivered from the kitchen at our table which was a little odd since everyone had already finished eating. A moment later Charlotte walks in a greats us. Apparently the border was closed down for several hours after an earlier incident. She said in thirty years, this was the first time she has ever had any issues.

Tomorrow the real detoxing program will begin. Bring it on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Staying one more week in Mexico.

I hope that everyone had a nice Meatless Monday. Please watch this short preview of "Eating" by, it's pretty convincing. After watching the full video, I doubt you would ever eat meat again.

The last few days here in Mexico have been pretty uneventful and I felt it was a good time for me to take a little break. There were a few new faces today and with them brought new stories to change things up a little. It's amazing thing that the little known secret of Gerson is actually pretty well known. One guy told a story of how his very own father went on the Gerson Therapy after his cancer diagnosis. A number of years have since passed and his father is alive, well and remains cancer free.

I've not yet started on the full detoxification program. There was some concern from the doctors here regarding my previous IL-2 treatment. They consider it chemotherapy. Patients that are pre-treated with chemotherapy are put on a much slower detox regimen so that the stored up toxins are released back into the blood slowly.

After some debate, the Dr and I agree that I will gradually move into a more aggressive detox schedule and that it should start while in Mexico. I would much prefer being under his supervision in case I were to encounter a rough reaction rather than by myself at home. I have decided to stay for the third week.

This week is going to be interesting on another front as well. The joint ECCO 15 – 34Th ESMO Multidisciplinary Congress in Berlin is taking place this week. Announcements from Roche are supposed to be released regarding the efficacy of Plx4032 in phase I clinical trials for treating advanced metastatic melanoma. Ahead of this release was some data which is showing some cause for concern.

The company released a statement that raises question over Avastin's effectiveness. Avastin, also known as Bevacizumab, which is currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cancers that have spread to other parts of the body. Avastin is already a blockbuster and a key driver for Roche, with global sales of $5 billion in 2008 as a treatment for colon, lung and breast cancers. A last-minute analysis of the clinical data means the picture has now changed.

Here is more information:

I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Apparently more data will be released on Wednesday regarding this recent development.

These large drug companies are making huge profits as they drive the "cancer industry" towards their silver bullet drug which sits at the end of the rainbow. These companies must be held liable for the damages that they bestow unto their test subjects as not only can they not offer a cure, but the quantity and quality of life are greatly impacted.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Food as medicine. Food also as tasty treat!

I started adding some of my Gerson recipes into the RecipeThing website. It allows me to easily add recipes and it tries to recognize the ingredients. After adding it on my weekly menu, it will provide a shopping list to take to the grocery store. It doesn't seem to be very well supported, but the site works well and there are thousands of recipes to choose from. And now, you can even find recipes that are approved on the Gerson Therapy.

My Gerson Recipes or All Gerson Recipes

This link will have a permanent home under the quick reference section of this blog. If you have more recipe ideas, either send them my way or add them to the site yourself under the Gerson category.

Here is one recipe in particular that I wanted to share. This is a cake recipe that we had the other evening. It is actually quite good. Theresa had commented that this would be a great option for her girls' birthday cake. I couldn't agree more! Now we just need a Gerson approved recipe for a nice butter cream icing. I'm sure non Gerson go'er have some options there.

Oatmeal Apple Raisin Pear Cake

1 banana
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup raisins
1/2 cup apple sauce
1/2 cup oats, ground
1/2 cup oats, whole
1/2 pear

Mix all ingredients.
Place into baking dish.
Bake in oven at 350 for 35 minutes.

Coat baking dish with additional ground oats before placing batter to reduce burning.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have eat bland foods. With a little imagination and preparation, you can create a great tasting healthy meal that the whole family can enjoy. The best part is that it will also help prevent degenerative disease and obesity.

Vegetables May Help Fight Melanoma

I found this article today...

Vegetables May Help Fight Melanoma
Monday August 31, 2009

Scientists have found that combining isothiocyanates, chemicals found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cabbage, with selenium may inhibit the development of melanoma. Isothiocyanates by themselves are not very potent, but exchanging a sulfur bond with selenium changes everything. This combination has the potential to inhibit the growth of tumors in mice by 50 to 60 percent.

This combination targets the Akt3 protein that is used in the development of melanoma. Blocking this protein reduced the growth of tumors in mice but did not work equally on 3 different melanoma cell lines.

There is still much more research to be done but the investigators believe their findings may lead to an IV drug that could treat melanoma or an additive to sunscreen to prevent melanoma.


Are you kidding me? Do they have to synthesize everything? Why can't a doctor tell his patient to change his life style and start eating healthy? Why does it HAVE to come in the form of a pill? Doctor's won't tell you that you're fat and that you have to change your diet or else you'll die. They will instead give you a pill to lower your choleserol or better yet, offer Gastric Bypass surgery which will only buy a little more time. Is it because they don't know the answer themselves? It is because people just don't want to change? Will people sue the doctor for calling them fat?

The same applies for cancer. They are simply trying (and failing) to remove the tumor. They are not interested in fixing the problem.

Is the Gerson Therapy a CURE FOR CANCER? I don't know, but the fact is that chemo drugs kill, cause secondary cancers and give horrific side effects. Heck, anyone can do chemo. I like my decision.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eating to Live. Day 10 on the Gerson Therapy.

We had a cooking class today. I have all the recipes which I do plan to share in the near future. There was one item of particular interest that I wanted to share with you. Every day we have a new salad dressing. It was amazing to me how they seemed to have a different recipe each day. When they showed us, I was amazed at how simple it was.

Before we begin I wanted to ask this question. Can you name ALL of the ingredients in your favorite dressing. Need more time to think about it? Next look at the amount of sodium you get per serving. Please, give this dressing a try the next time you have a salad.

1 cup grapes
1 cup orange juice (freshly pressed from organic oranges of course)
1/4 cup celery
1/4 cup yellow zucchini
1/4 red pepper


Here is the truly interesting part. You can add on or switch out nearly any other vegetable to create your own variation. Basically, whatever is left over from an earlier meal. If the grapes are too sweet, you can swap them out for brown sugar or honey. If you would prefer your dressing to be a little thicker, add in some potato! Your options are limitless. The flavors are amazing and it is extremely good for you. The best part of it all, you will know exactly what is going into your body.

Following the Gerson Therapy is more than just a way to detoxify and heal. It is a life time commitment to being healthy. I was like most Americans in this world living to eat. I would prefer to live in a world where I can eat to live.

Cigarette anyone? How about a steak?

The next time you talk to your doctor, maybe you should ask him what brand of cigarette he smokes. Or better yet, what kind of food you should put into your body. Please share what you find out. Two of my doctors told me to eat donuts and McDonalds! Two others actually did tell me eat a healthy diet. I guess you know which doctors I'll continue to call when I get home.

The medical community is about 20 years behind the times. Just as until recently they were pushing cigarettes, it is guaranteed that in another twenty years doctors will be the first to tell you that a high-fat diet based on animal proteins is harmful. My question for you, why wait?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Healing Reaction?

As expected, my blood work came back today. My body is officially experiencing a "healing reaction", or "healing crisis" as toxins are beginning to escape. I will not go into full details, but I will share with you a few key readings.

You will hear it here first, I was wrong. They are actually testing the pH as part of the urinalyses. The nice thing about this is that I can test it at home using a simple litmus paper pH indicator. The bad thing about it, from what I understand is that it isn't terribly accurate. Testing too early in the morning will often result in a slightly more acidic reading. It would be a much better indicator or trend if I set a schedule for testing and do it on my own at home. (i.e. same time every friday morning) The level returned this time was slightly more acidic than my first reading. Could it be the time of day? Dr Cervantes believes this to be one sign of my body experiencing a reaction. As toxins are reintroduced back into my system, they are pushing my body towards a more acidic state.

The human body handles the release of toxins much like how it handles allergies. Many of the same side effects will occur. For example one sign of a body in crisis is the increase of mucus. The body automatically tries to coat the intestinal lining as a way to prevent damage from the toxins. The body will also prompt the immune system to release histamines and other chemicals it needs in order to counteract or get rid of foreign matter and toxins. My elevated eosinophils and basophils, which secrete these important histamines, indicate a body in crisis.

As these toxins are reintroduced into the bloodstream, the liver will once again be required to filter them out. For this reason, someone experiencing a healing reaction will show an increased release of liver enzymes. Don't worry, I doubt that it will reach the levels that I experienced while on Interleukin-2.

There are other key markers in the results that also show even more clearly that the process is starting to work "as advertised". I don't fully understand all the markers yet, but don't worry ... as this is a learning experience for all of us, I'll share more when I know more.

It is truly amazing how the simple, yet effective combination of a strict low-fat, low-salt, vegetarian diet and coffee enemas can make such a large impact in the body in such a short amount of time. I believe, given time, the Gerson Therapy will restore my body back to a healthy state.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing home, staying strong! Day 8 @ BNC

I've been feeling a little run down recently. Could this be the beginning of a healing reaction? They say it usually takes 10 to 14 days before you experience your first "crisis", to which I am eagerly looking forward.

I get my blood work back tomorrow and will meet again with the doctor to check on levels. One interest is my blood pH level. When I first got here, I had a level of 7.0, which is not bad. Eating meats, sweats and other things that you would expect on the typical American Diet end up being very acidic in the body which brings that number down. Since cancer tends to thrive in lower pH levels, we should all try to keep our levels up. This is what we call being alkaline. Our goal here is to raise my alkalinity to pH 8.0 or higher.

I am starting to see one of the biggest side effects that this therapy has to offer. I think the palms of my hands are turning yellow. I have to be careful since it could appear to be jaundice which is a possible indication that my cancer is spreading. I don't think there is a blood test to detect the level of carrot juice in my system, but the CBC can identify jaundice by elevated bilirubin.

It is a terrible shame that we have to travel out of the country to receive this treatment. In a land where adults can form their own opinions and make their own decisions, it is ridiculous that my only LEGAL treatment in the United States would probably kill me. RIP Patrick Swayze.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A day in the life on Gerson Therapy

It has been requested and here it is. I am providing a sort of "day in the life" on the Gerson Therapy. Please remember, that I've only been here 6 days and I'm not quite on the full schedule. But don't worry, that doesn't mean this posting will be short by any means. :)

7:15 - Starting the day behind schedule, I slept in. I quickly stole a few grapes from the fresh fruit basket and headed for the bathroom. No details here, but a tip for those practicing, buy a thermos for your coffee. It is a brilliant time saver!

I have no real clothing options today as I sent everything to the laundry yesterday. I was banking on getting some of them by evening. For future reference, hold back a decent outfit for the next day just in case.

8:05 - It is time for breakfast. This is Sunday, and it appears that Felix and the doctor actually took the day off. They are typically here from morning until night. It was good to see them take a well deserved break.

I really enjoy breakfast. There are a few tables lined up on two of the walls with all of the food served buffet style. I like to load my a bowl full of oatmeal and then pile on the raisins and apricots. Never really had apricots before being here. I like to slice them and then mix it all together. Today I even put on a a small scoop of brown sugar. On a small plate I spooned on a pile of banana slices, some cantaloupe and honey dew. I really look forward to breakfast.

With so many people coming from so many places, you can imagine the number of stories and conversation topics at the table. There is a gentleman here from Monaco. I think we all find his conversations very interesting.

On my walk back to the room, I start thinking about how I'm going to spend the day. I really need to plan out how this is going to work when I get home. The schedule is already pretty hectic, and I don't even have to do any of the preparation. I need to get on this. No relaxing today, I've got some planning to do.

9:01 - Back in the room, it is time for Juice. For some reason I though back to a conversation that I had with Steven back home about PEX water lines. And that was it! I solved my problem of how I would run heated water from my distillery to my upstairs bathroom via conduit. -- Oh wait, I forgot that I am supposed to get b12 and vitals after breakfast. (again)

I ran down stairs to into the nurses office with a big grin. I'm way late this morning. I need to get better about this. Anyhow, the vitals are good and the shot was cake.

9:30 - It is time for another juice. I'm on the 10 juice a day plan right now. Its pretty busy with just 10 in a day. Juices are very good. I now have 4 drops of potassium being added to each and Lugols solution being added only to the apple / carrot drinks. I can slightly taste the difference, but they are still good.

Browsing the internet like crazy trying to figure out what distiller to purchase. I have this grand vision of pumping water from a water distillery with pump through a water heater so that I can have pure hot and cold water service in my new dedicated Gerson room (see earlier posts). My earlier comment regarding PEX will allow me to run another water line up to my existing shower so that I can also shower in heated purified water without having to build another bathroom. It's a stretch, I think we can do it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

10:00 - Juice time! Seems like I just had one. Along with browsing, I'm also chatting with family and friends about my pure water dilema. Somehow I miss an email from Amy asking if I wanted to iChat before the baby's nap time. The baby had apparently been demanding to speak to me. :(

10:25 - Laundry arrived.

11:09 - Time for some supplements. Being on the 10 a day plan, I have no 11 am juice. I take my pills with peppermint tea. This is my new green tea. We're allowed to drink this all the time.

My mom and I decide to go to the beach today...

11:38 - Back from beach. We realized that we probably went at the exact wrong time. I am nice and hot now. Time to cool off and relax.

12 Noon - Time for a juice. This one is a green juice. These don't contain lugols, but I can certainly taste the potassium more in the green than I do in the others. After this juice, it is time for coffee.

12:30. Join the world. Take some pills. Start thinking about lunch. I wonder what we're having today.

1pm - Lunch time! Both dinner and lunch are built around a potato and the Hippocrates soup which are very high in potassium. We also have a salad and some flaxseed oil. Variety comes in the form of cooked vegetable platters. Today we had spaghetti squash with raisins and Spinach a la Mexicana. This was spinach mixed with onions and tomatoes. (Mexicana = red, white and green) Anyway, these were probably two of my most favorite dishes.

Conversations at lunch had some of us there until just about 3pm.

3:00 - More supplements.

I'm relaxing on the bed and pick up the Gerson handbook. Started reading more into Hydrotherapy. They offer it here as an adjuvant treatment for pain and as a way to promote detoxification. What is mostly interesting to me about it is that I recall a story from a friend about how they sometimes use hot water baths when they feel the onset of flu. The theory is that diseased cells have a certain temperature range in which they can survive. Much like a fever is one mechanism that your body uses to fight illness, heat can be used to help fight off malignant cancer cells. Don't believe me? Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a similar treatment. Anyhow, its something to ask the doctor about tomorrow.

More reading, more researching, less relaxing ...

4:05 - More supplements. Again my reduced schedule has me juice free at both 3PM and 4PM. I wonder if this will change tomorrow. I'm starting to get a hang of the schedule, I bet a change is right around the corner.

6:00 - My son, Kaige dials in to iChat. He's been at his mom's place all weekend so other than a few one line text chats here and there we haven't had a chance to talk. It was getting close to his bed time (Eastern Time), and he was all packed up for his two night camping school field trip. He just started the year and they are already on a trip. I think he really enjoys that school.

6:20 - Arrive at dinner. There was something new at the buffet table today. A hot bowl of fruit. Looks like stewed peaches, pears and raisins. I think we all enjoyed it.

7:00 - Coffee Break.

7:30 - Run back down to the kitchen (cocina) to pick up some peppermint tea before they shut down for the night. I like to always have it on hand. Hot water, tea and coffee are always served in a thermos. Keeps them warm for hours.

The room is much cooler this evening, thanks to Jessie and Charles for giving us an extra fan they had laying around in their room. We now have a total of four fans and an air purifier running. I think we finally have a draft sufficient to move the hot air out. From what the night doctors have mentioned, our room is by far the hottest.

Mom and I watched the second half of Healing Cancer from the Inside Out tonight. This was my second time watching this video. The first time was before the cancer had spread. It kind of makes me wish I would have more seriously considered this therapy at that point.

Now I am blogging ...

One good thing about my disease is that the tumors are not very big. They are not what the doctors would call palpable. The only time I could ever feel them, is by sitting. When I sit in a particular position, like when I drive I can feel an obstruction. It would cause me to shift a great deal, not because it hurt, but because it reminded me of my disease. I don't know what it means quite yet, but I don't have that feeling tonight.

Good night.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Hablo Espanol on Day 5

Much of the time at the clinic is spent resting. I have been trying to keep up with work but I've got to be honest, there is a lot on this regimen. It ain't easy. Just as soon as I start to get used to the schedule, it changes. I am still in the ramp up period so I'm sure it will stabilize over the next few days.

Today, however, was going to be different as the clinic offers a tour on Saturdays. That sounded like a great way for me to get out and see some of the area. I simply needed to get approval from Dr Cervantes. He recommended that I cover my head with a sombrero, but I did finally convince him that my hat would be fine. He actually told me that I could both go on the tour and go to the beach if I wanted. I was excited to get out and see some sights.

There were seven of us on the tour today. We all piled into the car, closed up the doors and headed down the road. This tour has officially started! I'm not sure who realized this first but we all soon figured out that not only did none of us speak spanish, the driver didn't speak english. :) This was going to be an adventure! I desperately tried to recall something from my two years of Spanish 1 class in high school. The only thing I could muster was "No Hablo Espanol". I think he had already that figured out.

We drove to place called Playa de Rosario. This was a typical beach town with shops, restaurants and bars. We found a parking lot off one of the side streets and it was soon that I realized just how bad we were going to stand out here. People were whistling from both directions trying to get us to come into their bar or restaurant.

See what I mean? :)

We walked down towards the beach area. The beach was pretty busy with families mostly. But unlike what you'd see in beaches closer to home, there were fruit and vegetable stands. Even as our driver jokingly confirmed that he ate at McDonalds as we passed the golden arches on our way, I saw this as evidence that the culture here tends to be more likely to enjoy the nutrients from healthier diets.

The beach was nice, but we had only brought enough juice for two hours. A few trinkets and bracelets were purchased and we were on our way back to the clinic.

I'd have to say that though the tour was fun, I think we were all happy to be back. To be critical, this is one area where I think BNC could have put in a bit more effort. Give the man a flip book of places, suggestions or common conversation topics in both English and Spanish. Of course, then I wouldn't have had much to blog about this evening.

I am confident that my decision to go on the Gerson Therapy was correct. As one of my doctor's told me in his office, "I've been chasing this tumor for over 40 years." This underlines the problem in western medicine where drugs are used to simply treat the symptom and not the disease. The Gerson Therapy treats the body with a single goal. Rebuild the immune system so that it can do what it is supposed to do.

Lecture by Charlotte Gerson: Please watch!

Here is a video of an early lecture by Charlotte Gerson where she talks about how people with all sorts of diseases are living years later, without any evidence of disease. This includes cancer, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis and many more. She does a nice job of explaining how this happens. It is a two hour lecture, but consider playing it in the background while you carry on with your day.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cooking Gerson Style at BNC on Day 3

Today was pretty quiet. Felix, the coordinator at the clinic held a cooking demonstration where he went over the steps for preparing the Hippocrates Soup that is such an integral part of the diet. He then moved onto oatmeal cookies. Guess what? They are tasty and very very good for you. Give them a try.

Gerson Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

In a mixing bowl, mash 1 banana
Then add:
1/4 raisins
1/2 cup apple sauce
1/2 cup apple juice
1 Tbsp honey
1 1/4 cup raw oats
Mix and spoon into glass baking dish
Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

Since you are not greasing the pan, you can grind raw oats and add a thin layer of oat powder below each cookie to reduce burning.

Felix also shares new and fresh Gerson approved recipes on his blog.

So this is me on my quest. It sure would be nice to see the end of cancer as my t-shirt suggests. #melanoma

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2 in Mexico, Spending the day with Charlotte Gerson

I came out of my room this morning and entered the courtyard where everyone had been collecting to say good bye to Bob and Colette. They were heading back to Canada after a three week stay. Bob, by far had the most personality out of everyone else here. We said our good byes and it wasn't long before I looked over and saw Charlotte Gerson sitting with Dr Cervantes. I was a little star struck! :) She looked over at me so I waved and smiled.

Mrs Gerson visits the clinic every Wednesday and meets with all the patients individually and then as a group. It was my turn to meet her. I sat down as she finished signing a book for Bernard and Anne who had just got here this morning. My nervousness was immediately settled as we started to chat, she was an extremely pleasant person to talk with. She started by asking me about my ailments and why I was here. When she heard it was for melanoma she had wonderful stories about how the therapy has helped heal patients like me numerous times over. Including the story of Beata Bishop who had melanoma that had spread to her groin more than 20 years ago, and now operates the Gerson clinic in Hungary.

Charlotte Gerson, Dr Cervantes and Me

Lunch time was fun. It is always served buffet style but today's table configuration was the same as last night's dinner where we all sat at the same long table. I of course sat at the head of the table. :) Today, Charlotte joined us. It was nice to have her around since everyone had specific questions about the diet.

This weeks lecture was about sodium and the dangers of a high sodium diet. Even more so dangerous than sugar, high levels of sodium cause an imbalance of potassium and prevents cells to properly receive oxygen and nutrients which are required for healthy cells to thrive. I found a great article about it here.

It was nice to meet with Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr Max Gerson. I hope to one day make it on the referral survivor list so that I can share my story with those interested in starting the Gerson Therapy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gerson Therapy @ Baja Nutri Care Hospital in Mexico: Day 1

Wow, this place is amazing. There are so many nice people either going through the therapy or supporting their loved ones. I came on a day where three patients were leaving. With room enough for 10 patients, the arrival of a new face was well greeted. I was immediately taken in for blood work. My last bit of skepticism was halted when I saw the needle being removed from a sterile pack. (versus picked up off the floor) I started to feel a lot better about my decision to come here.

We then headed over to get breakfast. A wonderful assortment of fruits and veggies were accompanied by a large crock pot of oatmeal. Since I had fasted from the night before, I piled my plate high with fruit and grabbed a large bowl of oatmeal with some raisins on top. My therapy has officially started.

The carrot / apple juices are much like the ones I have at home, except they have less of an apple flavor. I guess the locally grown organic apples are larger at home. I don't think it matters much, but I'll verify that I'm not over doing it before I leave. The green juices are very green. Mine had been a bit darker and more reddish in color from the red cabbage. I might have to cut back on that as well.

Today I met Bob. Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 08. He had surgery to remove his prostate in January. The doctors claimed that they got it all. Sound familiar? A few months later the cancer had returned. This time in his bones. Tomorrow he leaves the Gerson clinic after a three week stay. He has been cancer free since the second week. He will of course stay on the diet for another two years as the liver comes back to 100%. Bob has such energy and I'm sure he'll get to enjoy spending time with his latest grand baby that is 6 months old and watch her grow.

Another interesting person that I met here today was a guy by the name of Mike. He is a companion supporting his mother Kathy, who has breast cancer. Mike has been working on a documentary about his mom's recovery while on the Gerson Therapy. He asked if I would be interested in sharing my story. Though we've all seen videos and interviews, it boggles my mind how little the public knows about this therapy as on option. I only hope that through my blog and people like Mike, we can share this knowledge and let people know that there are options for treating cancer that do not include drugs and surgery.

Tomorrow I will have a chance to meet Charlotte Gerson. Daughter of the famous Dr Max Gerson. As do most patients I'm sure does, I'll have her sign my book. :) (and get a photo)

I am in Tijuana, Mexico at the Baja Nutri Care hospital, the official Gerson clinic in Mexico. I am going to win my battle against malignant melanoma which has spread to my liver and spleen.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Gerson Juice Lab: Continued ...

The goal was to keep things simple. For example, the width of the room was dictated by the the width of the pre-constructed counter tops. The linoleum on the floor was a simple "glue it and roll it" from home depot. I originally wanted to go super cheap and get everything from craigslist or freecycle, but realizing in my absence that the easier we can make it the less guilt I'll have by leaving the construction work to everyone else.

Seems like this project will be finished and Amy will have her kitchen back in no time! Next step is a 3rd coat of mud on the wall, sanding and then some paint.

A special thanks to my brother Tony, my Dad and Uncle Ken for their hard work on my juice room while I'm busy working hard on other things.

Meanwhile, I will be at the Gerson Hospital @ Baja Nutri Care Center. We will be picked up in the morning and then driven across the border where my therapy will begin. My goal is to return home and leave my Melanoma in Mexico.

Gerson Institute in San Diego: We're here!

We arrived in San Diego this afternoon and as it turns out, the Holiday Inn Downtown sits right beside the Gerson Institute. I'm jazzed about getting to the hospital tomorrow and really getting a jump start to the healing process. My mom is here with me, she has quite the job ahead of her. All I have to do is drink juice and relax. Her job is to document and make sure we can recreate the entire process when we get home.

Walking up to the Gerson Institute.

See Gerson DOES exist!

View from the hotel, thanks Joni!

Thank you to all those who contributed to my Cancer Curing Care Package. The notes, pictures, poems and well wishes will help me greatly! I look forward to get in, get healed and get back home to see all of you guys again really soon!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Every Gerson Therapy practitioner should have a juicing room.

What makes this a juicing room?

First of all it will be a dedicated work space where I will be able to clean, chop and prepare all the necessary fruits and veggies that are required for the 13 daily juices on the Gerson regimen that are freshly prepared every hour. I have been using the kitchen, and let me just say it ain't fun for anyone to be in the same room during this process. This room will have a 10 foot counter top for dedicated fruit and veggie prep work. There will be a wire shelve conveniently placed over the 34" wide stainless steel sink basin for drying everything from lettuce leaves to juicer parts.

The water needs to be pure. There is some debate as to how pure it needs to be. For now I will be installing a whole house carbon filter which should remove all the major nasties from the water supply. This will affect the whole house so that even the showers will benefit from having fluoride and chlorine removed. For this room I was considering either installing a reverse osmosis system or a water distiller. I need to get more clarification on this when I go to Mexico.

There will also be at least two refrigerators dedicated to this workspace. The current plan is to have one small compact refrigerator under the counter to store enough veggies for the day. I plan to have another full sized refrigerator just outside the door to hold veggies for (hopefully) a week or two. It will take some planning and figuring out to see just how much I need and how long they will last. It's either I buy too much and have it spoil, or spend all my time driving to Mom's Organic Market for more produce!

Though it has changed slightly, here is the initial design.

Since I am supposed to avoid being in contact with what some would consider toxic chemicals, I've asked my Uncle Ken to step in and manage the job for me.

This is Pepa, my dad. Today he is cutting studs, tomorrow he will be managing the electrical work.

This is Ella expressing her feelings towards cancer. I think she is flicking it off! :)

Gerson Therapy is a tough regimen that includes 13 daily juices that are prepared fresh every hour. In my attempt to streamline the process in my fight for better health, I decided to build a juicing room.

Dendritic cells based vaccine: a novel option says Dr Kirkwood at UPMC

Dendritic cells contain a receptor (DNGR-1) which mobilises an immune response after coming across an abnormal cell death (necrosis). They act as messengers, alerting other types of immune cells to kill invaders. After a simple blood draw, lymphocytes are sent to a lab where the new dendritic cells are mixed with melanoma peptides in an attempt to train the cells much like providing a scent for a K-9 unit. This treatment will require a hospital stay of 4 days for an initial DC injection. Unlike Il-2, there are minimal side effects and is not toxic for the liver as is chemotherapy.

I like this as an option because like Gerson, we are simply trying to build the immune system and provide tools that the body can use to ward off cancer cells. Dr Kirkwood also supported my involvement in the BRAF trial at UPENN when it opens. I did learn that UPMC will also offer the same trial, so my name is now in both systems waiting for the first to open. He said very confidently that I will likely have a typical response from PLX4032 and reduce tumor burden, we will then pick up with the DC vaccine and get rid of it for good. -- I love that idea!

During our chat, I had brought up the fact that NIH wants to reevaluate my case (possibly because of this recent discovery) after the BRAF trial. What I love about Dr Kirkwood was his response. "I think that you should not close any doors. You want to have many options available."

Dr Kirkwood, would you be my oncologist? Please check [ ] yes or [ ] no. :)

My plan is shaping up quite nicely now. It all begins by fighting the hurricane winds in Mexico. Upon returning I will consider two new, novel and non-toxic approaches for fighting Malignant Melanoma.