Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Upcoming Appointment and MRI Results

I got my MRI results back from last week's scan. Everything looks okay. Just as we suspected, no brain -- er mets.

This means that i will be spending the day on Thursday getting to know the medical team at the National Institute of Health. I won't personally meet with Dr Rosenberg quite yet, but I will be meeting with his team as they examine and qualify me for their treatment plan.

The goal it to talk about their adoptive cell therapy study which will include anywhere from a 3 to 6 week hospital stay. I am a little nervous about this particular study because it includes chemotherapy but as I mentioned earlier, hopefully in such a short period of time it won't have quite the same toxicity. I do need to consider this study as they have achieved a 72% objective response rate and have also seen 30% of their patients go into complete and durable remission.

I'm still taking my vitamins and supplements while enjoying my vegetarian diet at home. One of the books that I am reading suggests that at a very minimum, studies have shown that this diet will decrease side effects from the treatments. They also go on to suggest that chemotherapy is more targeted when adding supplements to the mixture as healthy cells become more tolerable while cancerous cells become more susceptible to the toxicity.

I'll update you again after my Thursday appointment. That should be interesting. In the meantime, I'll be envisioning pac-man doing his thing. :)

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this is paul said...

All sounds good to me. Glad the scans were clean and keep us posted on the Thursday visit!! I'll keep everything I can crossed.