Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unofficial CT Results from August

The "professionals" will of course have the last word, but I see clear evidence that the target lesion on my liver has reduced in size! There are other spots that once again are either new or are no longer there. I believe we primarily care about the reduction in size of the largest tumors.

CT Scan - May 05, 2009

CT Scan - August 26, 2009

Once the report comes out I will send it to UPMC for Dr Kirkwood's review. I will also send it over to Sharfman, and if he is not on vacation get his opinion as well.

Here is a little tip that I stumbled upon yesterday. When you go in for a CT scan, you have the option to not take the barium sulfate. Yesterday, I was given 3 small cups of Gastrografin. It is typically used in emergency cases because it is much more tolerable and it works much faster. Remember to ask for it when you schedule your next CT scan.

I have been back on track with the Gerson Therapy at home. I am following it as best as I know how. The two week stay at the clinic in Mexico will surely uncover things that I am doing wrong.

Here is a headline that I just read ...

Tumors Hungry For Sugar: Findings Point To New Ways To Fight Cancer.

University of Utah biochemists have made a breakthrough in understanding how cancer cells feed on glucose, possibly paving the way for new drugs designed to starve cancer into submission.

Gerson has been doing this for years!

I am very excited about the results from my last scan. Maybe with a little help from Gerson and then the PLX4032 trial at UPENN when I get home we can put this whole melanoma thing behind us.

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