Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Liver function? Check!

I just received the fax I was waiting for, the CBC and blood panel from my recent visit to the NIH. Most of my levels are right where they are supposed to be! I do have a slightly low creatinine count which could indicate that I am a vegetarian. Duh!

It does also indicate that my red blood cell count is out of the normal range. Slightly on the lower side. These levels, albeit low are from what I can tell fine. -- If you are a doctor or know something about this, please comment. (or call me if it's bad) For the record, I do not have any symptoms of anemia.

You can download the report from here:

The all important enzyme levels that I had been worried about which could indicate liver failure are on the second page and they include Aspartate Aminotransferase and Alanine Aminotransferase. As you can see, they are fine! I am in *reasonably* good health!


kelly said...

Hi Mike!

I consulted the friendly neigborhood hematologist/oncologist Jeremy (aka Dr. Perkins). He said "Low RBC should be ignored - the important value to focus on is HGB and his HGB of 13.5 is fine. Normal values for a male is > 14, for a female it is >12 (testosterone increases hemoglobin - we wouldn't even be discussing this is he were a woman). Generally people do not manifest symptoms of anemia (fatigue, increased heart rate, decreased exercise tolerance) until HGB drops less than 11. So all in all - would not be worried about the hgb of 13.5." Hope that helps!

I am encouraged by the recent good news from NIH doctors and hope you can get another round of IL-2 ASAP. Is there another doc in your doctors practice that can put in your orders?

Best wishes, Kelly

Mike Brockey said...

Kelly - Thank you for comment and please thank Jeremy for his remarks. I'll try to follow up with them again today to see if they've made any progress in reaching the doc. Otherwise see what options they can provide.

Another thing I wanted to throw out there is that the high levels of Eosinophils and Basophils might have been a direct result of none other than seasonal allergies. I had them quite bad the day I went to NIH. :)


kelly said...


I don't think those are anything to be concerned about. Your WBC and neutrophils are normal. The eos and baso counts are only slightly outside the normal range and could surely be accounted for with your allergies.

Let us know whenever you have any questions or concerns!