Thursday, July 30, 2009

Therapeutic dosage of vitD, vitC and melatonin

Dr Sinclair has increased my vitD dosage to 7,000 IU daily. We are working our way up to 10,000 IU. A vitD deficiency is common in melanoma patients and recent studies have shown that the once recommended 2,000 IU daily dosage is far too little. After a 2 - 3 month period at this new level we expect my blood levels of vitD to be substantially higher. This is a critical element in my fight against cancer as vitD has been proven to slow tumor growth and even reverse malignancies.

Many people who take the levels of vitC that I am taking start seeing adverse reactions. I'll let Google give you examples if you are interested. I am taking about 3,000 mg per day via two drinks broken out at mid morning and mid evening. It is a really good sign that I am not seeing any of these negative side effects as Dr Sinclair mentioned that my body is able to effectively use all of it. It is now safe to add a little bit more vitC to the mixture and slightly increase that dosage as well.

I am now taking 9 mg of melatonin just before bed. I started at 3 mg for a few days and was on the look out for any side effects including morning grogginess (more than normal) or vivid dreams. Sadly, I have not experienced any vivid dreams. However, this is an indication that my body is actually using the melatonin.

We chatted about the study at NCI with Dr Rosenberg. Dr Sinclair then told me about another interesting fact. When Naturopathic Doctors find themselves in a battle with cancer, including a few of his close colleagues in recent years they look at all their options. They are not ruling out chemo or other conventional methods just because they are conventional. This goes inline with my thought process of there being a winning combination between both of the worlds. In "Beating Cancer with Nutrition", author Patrick Quillin talks about using nutrition to boost the immune system and still leveraging modern medicine to rid yourself of the "tumor burden". Sounds logical.

The NCI study is apparently a 3-6 week treatment plan in which patients receive a combination of chemo, immunotherapies as well as this new TIL experimental treatment. Usually chemo is highly toxic when given over a long period of time. Since this treatment is only a few weeks long, the toxicity may be minimal. -- Oh my questions for Dr Rosenberg are building up nicely now.


Anonymous said...

Keep doing your research, Mike. You continue to uncover great information.

Chemo can always be stopped at any point if you experience side effects which you can't deal with. I believe this is also true when participating in a clinical trial. Boosting your immune system as you have been will better equip you for any choice you make.

bciccone said...


My wife saw your blog and emailed it to me.
I have also been dealing with Melanoma and agree with your philosophy. We are in a lot more control than people realize.
I would be happy to share my experiences at NIH if you are interested, as I have been through a lot there.

Curious what type of Vitamin C and D that Dr. Sinclair suggested?

Bob Ciccone/Gainesville, VA

Mike Brockey said...

Hi Bob - I remember your wife's post. Have you still been able to keep your melanoma at bay with surgery and IL-2? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences at NIH. Also if you could put me in touch with others that have done the TIL treatment, it would be nice to talk with someone about that experience as well.

I'm using a Mom's brand Vitamin D3 @ 1,000 IU x 2 per day. Dr Sinclair gave me a bottle of D-5000 from Thorne Research @ 5,000 iu. I have combined these pills to reach my daily 7,000 iu. (until the mom's stuff runs out)

The Vitamin C is from Perque. It's called Potent C Guard. It is a buffered ascorbate power. I mix it in 80% pure water / 20% juice. I've been using orange juice but I personally thought it tastes better with apple juice.

As a side note: When I drink the VitC mixture, I also mix up a cup with 1 Tbps Flax Oil and some OJ. I mix it up really well then gulp it down. It surely doesn't taste good, but it's better than drinking the Flax Oil straight! ;-) I then chase it down with the VitC.

(I'll also email this reply)

Thanks, Mike

Anonymous said...

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