Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reduce your risk of cancer and join me in Meatless Mondays!

I stumbled upon this website the other day and I thought it was a great idea. Presidents of our past had asked all Americans to reduce their meat intake as well as gasoline and bread in both of the world wars to conserve these resources for military families fighting abroad. By reviving this American tradition, and reducing our intake of meat we can help address some of today's largest health concerns. You can easily reduce your intake by 15% by simply removing meat from your diet one day each week. Why should you remove meat from your diet? Among other things, meat has been linked to cause certain types of cancer.

I joined the meatless every day brigade about 3 months ago and I haven't looked back. Obviously I've gone to the extreme and for good reason. I don't think my diet is for everyone. However, I do think that with as much information is coming available as to the health risks of consuming too much meat, you should at least consider this movement. Besides, humans were not built to consume so much meat anyway.

So what do you say? Join me! Improve your overall health. It's amazing, you might actually be able to stay awake after lunch on Mondays. :) You don't have to sign up on the website (unless you want to), just reduce your meat intake.

Here is more information:


this is paul said...

Count me in!

this is paul

Mema said...

I signed up! But I also have been meatless since May.


Anonymous said...

I'm in! - Joni