Friday, July 10, 2009

Now you can be the judge, er doctor.

Because I heard that some of you were complaining, I decided to post the CT scans right here on the blog so that each of you can be the doctors too! I exported each of the scans to AVI and they both show a scan of the abdomen moving from the top of the liver to the bottom. See if you can line them up and see for yourself if you think my plan is working. Please remember to post your prognosis, doc.

CT Scan from May 05, 2009 ( Old Scan )

CT Scan from July 07, 2009 ( New Scan )

Email me if you would like the higher quality video.


dcPYro said...

Just checking up on you MB. Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a doctor, I play one on tv...

Seriously Mike, the new scan looks awesome! I have had my share of scan reads (have about 200lbs of film to prove it), and from what I can tell, these are the sort of changes we had been looking for.

Slow and steady wins the race.


Bob said...

After a heliotological review of the upper adrenal post vitriolic non-derisive geriotobe, I noted a femtological inversion of revisionistic pre-flatual tubation. On the posteric carnivorous pre-anterior copulation, note the four non-approbative inversatory de-pre-biturative angionomes. Excellent.

I think it looks better.