Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Improving the Immune System and Fighting Cancer the Natural Way.

I met with Dr Steven Sinclair today. Dr Sinclair is a naturopathic doctor that Amy found in Frederick, MD. This was both an enjoyable and educational meeting where we talked about everything from Gerson Therapy to Vitamin C. Dr Sinclair has helped support numerous patients fighting cancer including a few with melanoma. He recounted numerous times where nutritional diets and supplements have both helped stabilize or even eliminate cancer.

The first thing we talked about, after my medical history, was my diet and supplement regimen. Since I had already cut out meats and processed foods from my diet, none of the other changes we talked about scared me at all. In fact, nothing really changed he basically just gave me more ideas and some recipes to ensure that I am getting enough nutrients.

I take a good amount of supplements every day. For the most part, the things I am taking are known cancer fighters and immune builders. He increased the doses on a few and guided me to proper intake on others. I am now taking:

PB8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus - 2 capsules @ 500 mg each in the morning on an empty stomach. Digestive aid for the body.

Turmeric - 2 capsules @ 300 mg with 1 at breakfast and the other at dinner. An asian spice which is believed by many to be the reason Asians are the most unlikely to have cancer. There is also research being done that shows turmeric is a immune system stimulator and can help ward off cancer.

Selenium - 1 capsule @ 200 mcg with breakfast. This is another mineral only required in small doses that is shown to be an excellent anti-oxidant. You can get selenium naturally from root based foods like garlic and onion when they are grown in nutrient rich soil.

Vitamin D3 - 2 capsules @ 1000IU with 1 at breakfast and the other at dinner. A deficiency of this vitamin is thought to be one source of melanoma. In fact, it has also been shown to have an anti-proliferative effects and apoptosis (cell death) on malignant melanoma.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid - 1 capsule @ 100 mg with breakfast. Lipoic Acid is a fatty cell lives naturally inside every cell in the body. It is another anti-oxidant with another very special function. It will recycle other anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and allow them to be more effective.

CoQ10 - 1 capsule @ 100 mb with breakfast. Enhances overall cellular health and helps prevent cellular damage. Studies have shown that CoQ10 can help reduce the risk of melanoma progression.

Pancreatin - 3 capsules @ 500 mg in between meals. 1 mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime. Pancreatin is a digestive enzyme. It contains a few different enzymes, including an important one called chymotrypsin. When taken on a full stomach this enzyme will aid the body in digesting the fats and protein. When taken between meals, it begins to digest the proteins that surround and protect cancerous cells. Once the cells protective layer has been removed, the immune system is then able to effectively begin it's attack.

Melaton-3 - 1 capsule before bed. This supplement provides extra melatonin that the body uses to regulate sleep. It does two things for me. It will first of all help me get the required deep sleep required for life. Melatonin is also known to have an anti-proliferative effect on cancerous cells, especially melanoma. This Sloan-Kettering web page on integrative medicine explains it very well. They also reference studies that support the information.

Basic Nutrients III - 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule with dinner. This is a standard multi-vitamin.

In addition to these supplements I am also drinking a mix of buffered ascorbic acid and water twice daily to get a boost of Vitamin C. Now this is interesting. As I have mentioned in earlier blog posts cancer cells feed on sugar / glucose. Vitamin C and Glucose share similar molecular structures. So similar in fact that cancer cells are unable to tell the difference. The cells absorb the Vitamin C thinking that it will break it down for energy but instead since Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, the free radicals which are required by cancer cells to perform the conversion of sugar into energy are removed and the cell then starves and dies off. An actual medical study at Johns Hopkins proved this theory.

Coffee is a beverage that I love. Although Gerson does not approve, Sinclair does. It's a simple question of is it processed? Has man been able to screw it up over the years? If not, then it is probably okay. Amy was once told that if you were looking at the ingredients of a package and your grand mother would recognize the contents, then it is probably okay. The American Diet is FULL of processed this and simple carbohydrate that, oh and MEAT. These things are scientifically proven to be harmful to the human body. More on that later. Bottom line is that I still get to drink my coffee and I'm just fine with that!

I'll go back to see Dr Sinclair in about two weeks where I'll start getting into acupuncture as well. My Shifu has talked with me at great lengths about the mind body connection. During my last few months of study I had changed over to Tai Chi and have learned quite a few breathing exercises and ways to help locate my energy. Though I must admit that I've not quite kept that in my schedule as much as I should. Dr Sinclair recommended setting aside at least 20 minutes a day for it. Who here has heard of the pac man theory?

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Rebecca said...


I saw your blog. I like your ideas on changing your diet and nutrition, I'm going to show my husband your info. My husband also Stage IV is in with NIH in Bethesda. My husband has done IL-2 and surgery to remove residual melanoma. We ran into someone who did TIL, he had tumors in almost all of his organs. Now he is tumor free, not the first person we ran into with that story. My husband currently is dealing with his melanoma through surgery, so we don't have to take that path yet. If we had to we would. You probably already know this, but if you get into one of these trials your expenses are paid. Meaning we have had a vaccine when he was Stage III, IL-2 3 rounds and surgery and all scans at no cost to our family at all. NIH is a great place to be. They have treatments the other hospitals dream of having. You can beat this disease and if you need any info on NIH we would be glad to help.