Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Barium Sulfate, er Scan Day is Here!

Scan day is here. It's time to find out if the combination of eating healthy, removing chemicals from my everyday life and IL-2 has helped me. I do feel good moving into today. Though I still have some cramping in my stomach, I believe that we are making progress. I'm here at the hospital now and I have my three bottles of Barium Sulfate Suspension. I'll drink my first bottle at 9:30 AM and then another at 10:30 AM. I brought my laptop, and so the plan is to hang out here in the waiting room all day and work while I struggle through this crap. I'll enjoy my final bottle at 12:30 this afternoon and then go in for my scan at 1:30 PM. I have my internet card so I will also be keeping tabs on Michael Jackson today. :-)

** Updated **

9:39 AM - I just got back from tackling my first bottle. It helps to drink this stuff in private, so I found a bathroom that is hidden behind the elevators. I remembered it from the last time I was here, I kind of stumbled across it. The funny thing is, if you ask someone that works here, they point you a set of bathrooms on the other side of the building. I must have either found the staff bathroom, or it is simply a secret. Either way, you all know about it now.

10:33 AM - The second bottle does not go down as well as the first. It has kind of a citrus flavor and chalky texture. Good thing is, it's down and I have only one more bottle to go. I was getting a little nervous as I looked around earlier. I didn't see a power outlet for the laptop! I decided to walk around and eventually found one that I could sit next to. We're now good, and I am able to continue working with music and internet!

12:50 - Bottle number 3 is in! I'm back now in the waiting area just waiting for my name to be called. I have another 40 minutes or so. I had to fill out a questionnaire which asked for my previous scan date. Cinco de Mayo or 5/5. Hopefully today's scan on 7/7, exactly two months and two days later will provide better results. I revisited the images from the last scan and realized that the rumors were teeny tiny. No way did they stand a chance against my immune system after all that IL-2 was introduced. We'll know soon enough. I will be asking for a copy of the results and so hopefully I'll be able to see the results when I get home. -- My next update will be after I get home. Wish me luck!!

7:57 PM - I'm home now. Sorry, I've actually been home a while but with dinner and Ella's bedtime. Well, you get it. I looked on the scans and from what I can tell, nothing seems to have changed. It will take closer examination from someone who knows what they are looking at. :) No change is good this early in the game. It's only been two months since we've known about it. I will meet with my doctor again on Thursday to get the official word. I'll update you again when I know more.


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Laurie said...

Hey Mike! I've been thinking about you ALL DAY! Okay...that's a lie...it's been more like weeks now. But I've thought about you MORE today than usual!

No matter what the scans reveal today, just remember that it is all just information you can use as you work toward Renewed Health! If the IL-2 has been working in combination with the excellent eating-habits...then you know to continue on this path. If there is little or no improvement, then you know that there must be a DIFFERENT plan of attack to bring your health back!

Either way...you are moving in the right direction! Information is POWER, and you are one SUPER HERO SURVIVOR!!!!

Prayers going up for you in a steady stream!!!

<3 Laurie

P.S. Amy...I hope you are feeling well too..and GLOWING! :o)