Thursday, June 11, 2009

With morning comes nausea ...

I now know what it is like to be pregnant. Well as far as having morning sickness. I am now two doses in to the process and yes I can begin to feel some of the side effects already. Nothing too bad, but I had to get the nurse to bring me some ginger ale and some dry cereal. I've got my bucket near, but not feeling like it is needed right now.

The team of doctors came in this morning to check up on me. This time they filled the entire room. This is a learning hospital so they were coming to see a real melanoma patient. I felt old in that group, which is kinda scary.

I am really glad that I got back into this wing. The nurses are great and all the techs are very friendly. I have Nurse Kavi back and she has a nurse in training with her as well, Amber.

I believe Amy will be coming here and hanging out with me today. My parents are on the hook for tonight. I really do enjoy and appreciate when my visitors take a little time just for me. It helps me mentally fight this thing.

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