Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updates via Amy

Mike has been doing really well - so far he has had 7 doses out of 9 possible doses. He elected to skip the 6am dose this morning, allowing him some time to recover in hopes that the side effects from the next doses won't be quite as bad. About 2 hours after each dose he is getting the rigors again - the nurses are doing a good job of trying to ward off the rigors before they start or get too bad. Warm blankets and morphine at the 2 hour mark seem to be doing the trick. Other than that he just feels very warn down and nausea - the il-2 has begun attacking his skin cells which leads to very dry and itchy skin. It seems to me that he's doing better keeping food down this time - his favorites seems to be mac & cheese, fried rice, cheerios and saltine crackers. Keep your fingers crossed, so far his blood pressure and heart rate have been fantastic - we are hoping that he doesn't get hooked to the heart monitor this time.

Thanks to everyone that has been helping to take shifts at the hospital - having friends/family with him means a lot to him and me. We are very grateful and lucky to know such wonderful people.

By the way, I am blogging for him, not because he's too sick, but another side effect is swelling and sore hands. So physically he's just not up to typing right now.

On a positive note, I have discovered that a cheese and lettuce sandwich from Subway is pretty darn good.......I can't eat one more slice of pizza from the cafeteria!! :)

That's all for now. Amy :)

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