Monday, June 22, 2009

Scans and follow up are scheduled.

I'll have my next scans on July 7. More barium sulfate, yum! I'll then meet with my doctor on the 9th to discuss the results and find out what further options I have for treatment. That gives me more then two weeks (from last treatment) to allow my body and improved immune system to ward off the cancerous cells.

I've also setup a consult to meet with Dr Kirkwood of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr Kirkwood's work has included the use of Selenium in clinical trials to treat melanoma. I'm interested in getting a second opinion as to my options for treatment. This meeting falls perfectly on Monday July 13, 2009, just days after my follow up with Dr Sharfman. This should give me the ability to make an informed decision rather quickly.


makinsr said...

You know me Mike, I am a great proponent of second opinions. We wnat to make sure as well that the guy treating us wasnt last in his medical class!! Love you, I am with you daily!!!!

Elena said...

I have melanoma too. I had a bio-chemo therapy for 5 months. One week in the hospital in the ICU on four different chemo drugs including IL-2. then 2 weeks at home and back in the hospital for one week. This is the most agressive treatment for stage 4 melanoma.
I had mixed results - the metastasis in my liver and colon are gone, but the ones in the bones are still there. Now I am undergoing radiation treatments, who knows?....
I will have more of the IL-2, about once a month for 3 days. Does anyone had what I had: the bio-chemo therapy?