Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proof that the "Cancer Industry" exists!

By now you have heard someone say that there is way too much money in the "Cancer Industry" for a cure to be found. Treating cancer is far more profitable than curing cancer. Here is the bill that my insurance company just received for my 5 day treatment.

$37,000 for the drugs alone! Wow! This is big business. This place is soo busy that I am sitting at home on a waiting list for a bed to come available. There are at least 3 wings of this hospital dedicated to IL-2 and other types of cancer treatments. Money is just pouring into that place!

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smitty240 said...

Interesting Mike. First off, I just started following your blog and went back to day one to see where and how you started this journey.

I started my met. melanoma journey last December. I have followed a similar path, but was unaware of the Gerson Therapy. Thanks for that.

I was reading without intent to comment until this post. You see, I just completed my 2nd week of IL-2 in late Feb. I received the bill for that week (8 doses) and the week long bill came to over $93k. Just thought it might make you feel better that you got a deal. :-)