Monday, June 1, 2009

Interleukin-2 Redux: The Schedule

Well it is official, I'm back on the books to receive more of the industry's "good stuff" on June 9. The nurses all warned last time the side effects come a lot quicker on repeat treatments. Most people get far fewer than they did the first time around.

I got 13 out of 14 on the first trip! Anybody care to make a guess or a wager on my ability to meet or beat that? ;-) I'm guessing I'll probably get about 10.

If you are interested in visiting or helping out, please call Amy @ 240-446-8752. She'd be glad to field your requests and let you know what you can do to help. :) Please don't get upset if I start turning down visitors. That medicine really does put one in a fowl mood.

I will keep everyone up to date and will let you know how we are doing.

Thanks again for your support!



kelly said...

Mike, saw this and thought of you. Check this out:

A report on a new (potentially) successful phase I clinical trial for melanoma.

Best, Kelly

makinsr said...

Mike, I like the hat!!! I read the "good news, bad news" the interluken is effective, but you need more. What a bite in the ass. In regard to the odds on side effects, I can get you airline barf bags!!! Sometimes, Michael the cure is actually worse than the disease. Nonetheless, you do what you gotta do. I don't know if Terry copied you all on an article I saw in the paper. At an oncology conference in Orlando, NCI presented some pretty convincing evidence that their work on a melanoma vaccine has been quite successful in late stage melanoma. Stephen Schuster of Univ of Pa led testing of BiovaxID. The article reference that this was the first success in 30 years of false starts. Also some patients have been given a shellfish protein and an immune booster. Check it out. I love you. You, Amy, Caige, baby Ella and the little one scheduled for debut in January are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up your spirits, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Sorry I cant upload anything, my skills are just too freakin limited. I am still motoring the ON RAMP to get on the information highway, the people behing me are honking and giving me the finger!!! All my love, Peg

Laurie said...

Hey Mike! You made a Baker's Dozen last time...I'm placing my money on an even dozen this time! And if it turns out that you can tolerate be it! :o) Go big or go home, right?

You are strong, you are are a SURVIVOR!

<3 Laurie Frey