Thursday, June 11, 2009

Insurance company wellness nurses are kept quiet.

I received a follow up phone call from Joan, my wellness nurse provided by my insurance company. This is a seemingly great program provided by the insurance company which allows me to have any medical inquiries answered versus calling a doctor's office nurse which would cost even more money. She had recently received information about my IL-2 treatment and wanted to see if I had any questions or requests of her.

We went back through my history and we chatted about how I am feeling much better now being two weeks out of treatment. At the end of our phone call she asked if I had any other questions for her. I decided to inquire about alternative treatments. Seeing as she speaks with numerous patients with melanoma and other forms of cancer, my question asked what types of information can be shared as far as recommending a change in diet or other lifestyle changes. I also asked, "Can you tell me that my chances of survival will benefit from making such changes?"

She stopped. "Well, we don't have any information as far as the insurance company is concerned." but she continued, "I will tell you that on a personal note, I've had two family members who made dramatic changes in their diet including juicing and are living today due to it." She also offered that she has heard of a number of patients who have also made these changes including the use of organics for their food and even body hygiene products."

I thanked her for the information and mentioned that seeing as I am making all of those same change in my life in order to fight my cancer, that single response alone is the most helpful information that she has given me to date. It is quite a shame that the phone call was almost over and it took my asking her specific questions before she were allowed to share any of that information with me.


Tim said...

Seems anything done for profit can never be as good as it could be. "hey this is great, can we charge for it? No? Well then its crap hide it!"

Hang tough Bro.

Anonymous said...

Glad you received positive reinforcement to the changes you have already made in order to battle this beast. Too bad more practioners don't recommend these changes to their patients - but then again, if they did, they'd have healthy patients to follow-up with rather than sick one's.

I received info on lifestyle changes several years ago from a classmate, but Doug poo-pooed the diet and wanted to stick with the conventional care he was receiving. Wish I had insisted we give it a try, things may be much differnt in my life right now...

Keep on doing what you're doing!!!