Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm home after another grueling treatment.

I left the hospital at about noon on Monday after receiving not 10, but 11 more IL-2 doses! I'm still not feeling very well and I've been spending most of my time either in my bed or in the bathroom. I weighed 188 when I left the hospital. That's a lot of fluid to get out. (I have not wrists, knuckles or ankles)

My face was pretty much beaten up again this time, peeling nice and nastily. It's hard to keep any real foods down right now, so I suppose its a good thing that I don't have much of an appetite!

They removed my central port. It's gone. I can now take showers again. (No stinky jokes, I've been taking baths) It was a nice feeling to able to wash my hair thoroughly this morning.

I now have another two weeks to recover from this round of treatment. I will then go in for scans to see if this was all worth it. I've not felt any pains in my stomach since the since round, so I'm hoping that we should at least see a shrinkage in tumors. After we get those results it will be determined if further treatment is necessary. If the doctors think that the treatment is working (i.e. tumors gone, shrinkage) then we we will continue the treatment about four weeks later. If the treatment is not working, as in they are growing,, I will then work with the doctors to figure out the next treatment plan.

I hope to be back on my feet in a day or two, thanks so much for all your support!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're home and had been able to take so many treatments. You're a trooper! Hope the side effects go away soon.


Laurie said...

You are AWESOME, Mike! 10 treatments???? Holy Cow! You are one crazy over-achiever! I know you aren't trying to be, but you are a true inspiration!!!

So who really needs wrists, knuckles and ankles anyway? Very over-rated! :o) All will go back to "normal" very soon...and I'm sending up prayers that your scans come back with EXCELLENT news!

Keep it up, Mike! This cancer will NOT win!!!

<3 Laurie Frey