Friday, June 26, 2009

Alternative treatments do work!

I met a guy last night who is a three time cancer survivor. In his most recent bout, he was given six months to live from stage IV colon cancer. He told the doctor that he didn't like that news and asked for something else. The doctor joked about juicing but then said it wouldn't work.

He found a doctor that would support him and started to drink fruit and vegetable juices and generally eating better. It has been ten years and he still eats well. The big thing for him was kicking his twelve pack a day soda habit. Processed and bleached foods are equally as bad. He is a Nebraska boy so removing meat was not an option for him, but he did switch to anti-biotic free meats that you can find at Mom's Organic Market. He admitted that he would occasionally enjoy an alcoholic beverage as it was a great way to keep his spirit alive.

The other major factor he contributes towards his survival is his positive outlook. He would kick people out of his house who were there to pity him. The best medicine he says, is laughter.

We also talked about his experiences with so called "border clinics". He said that the particular clinic he tried in Mexico was a sham and he was taken for about twenty thousand dollars. Not to say that all of these clinics are like that, but it is advised to do your homework prior to sending any money. He talked about a good experience with an alternative clinic in Europe. I did not get many details from him on this, but I do plan to get back in touch with him to get a more complete story.

It was nice talking with someone who has survived using the same regimen that I am attempting. It provides validity when there is so much overwhelming information that states otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

Keep surrounding yourself with success stories and find out what worked for them. There is powerful healing with a positive mind!